Learning from the Rotherham scandal - this should be a moment for humility

Posted by Matthew on thinking liberal
Thu 28th Aug 14 - 12:46

The big story in the British news media this week is the Rotherham child abuse scandal. This was occasioned by a detailed report from Professor Alexis Jay. This revealed that some 1,400 children and teenagers had been sexually abused from the 1990s by gangs in this Yorkshire town. The perpetrators were largely from the Pakistani and Kashmiri community and the victims were vulnerable white girls, many in care. Council officials and police ignored repeated reports of this abuse. Similar things seem to have been occurring in other northern towns, as well as further south. The revelations have provoked anger. But ... (more)

A quick thought on Carswell

Posted by Nick on What You Can Get Away With
Thu 28th Aug 14 - 12:10

By not simply crossing the floor at Westminster to join UKIP, but resigning and calling a by-election to do it, has he now set a precedent for any other Tory MPs who want to do the same? The last MP to do that for a defection was Bruce Douglas-Mann switching from Labour to the SDP in 1982 (and he lost), and MPs who've done it since then haven't followed his example. However, if there are any other Tories thinking of doing the same (and there probably are), they'll be watching what happens in Clacton very intently as they know that ... (more)

++ Coup for Ukip as Tory MP Carswell defects, triggers by-election in Clacton

Posted by Stephen Tall on Liberal Democrat Voice
Thu 28th Aug 14 - 12:05

Douglas Carswell, elected in 2010 as Conservative MP for Clacton, has today announced he's joining Ukip and will fight a by-election under his new party's banner. In one sense, the news isn't a surprise. Carswell is a member of the Tory awkward squad, its sixth most rebellious backbencher according to Revolts.co.uk, having defied the party whip on 46 occasions during this Parliament. But on another level it'll be a real shock to the Tories: Carswell's right-wing brand is much less swivel-eyed than that of many of his fellow rebels like Philip Hollobone and David Nuttall. He's generally a thoughtful, independent-minded ... (more)

UKIP Gets Its "First" MP

Posted by jonathanfryer on Jonathan Fryer
Thu 28th Aug 14 - 12:02

Having debated against the eloquent Euro-sceptic Conservative MP for Clacton, Douglas Carswell, during May's European election campaign, I am not particularly surprised by his defection to UKIP. In a sense it is odd he didn't do it before — indeed, during that campaign — but maybe UKIP's strong showing in May persuaded him that it [...] (more)

UK Government extends English cancer drugs fund

Posted by Peter Black on Peter Black
Thu 28th Aug 14 - 11:57

The Guardian reports that thousands more cancer patients in England will be offered vital treatments in a £160m boost to the Cancer Drugs Fund. The say that the fund, which has helped more than 55,000 cancer patients since it was set up four years ago, will be increased from £200m a year to £280m a year. As a result many more patients with rare conditions will benefit from life-extending drugs recommended by their doctor: With the number of people diagnosed with cancer each year increasing by 9% since 2009, and the rising costs of ever more sophisticated drugs, the fund ... (more)

Give Douglas Carswell his due - this is how you defect and what a UKIP coup

Posted by neilmonnery on The Rambles of Neil Monnery
Thu 28th Aug 14 - 11:53

I have written before that I think as a matter of principle that anyone who is elected but who decides to change their political allegiance should resign and go back to their electorate to seek re-election with their new party hat on. I firmly believe this is the case at both local and national level. This goes for members of any party going to members of any other party or indeed independents joining a party or vice versa. This morning Douglas Carswell resigned from the Conservative Party and promptly joined UKIP. However in doing so he also resigned from his ... (more)

Gatley neighbourhood police newsletter

Posted by Iain Roberts on Keith Holloway, Iain Roberts & Pam King
Thu 28th Aug 14 - 11:00

The summer's seen a rise in crime across Gatley – particularly thefts from sheds and garages along with criminals using garden tools to force entry into houses. Summer's not quite over yet, so please be careful. (more)

The Independent View: Let's talk about it

Posted by Dalia Ben-Galim on Liberal Democrat Voice
Thu 28th Aug 14 - 10:08

[IMG: Techno teenagers photo by Leinard John Matthews] David Laws has this week committed to compulsory sex and relationships education echoing the views of young people. Last week IPPR's polling of 18 year olds showed that more than eight out of ten young people agree that sex and relationship advice should be taught in schools. But schools need to be more effective in commissioning and providing high-quality content, delivered by experts. Our concerns are not new but the rapid expansion of technological possibilities has changed the nature of the debate. Young people are revealing ever more information about themselves, and ... (more)

Burnham Road - will they, won't they?

Posted by chriswhite on Chris White
Thu 28th Aug 14 - 10:05

Residents of Burnham Road, who have waited many years for the road to be resurfaced, are increasingly irritated by the misinformation – or complete lack of information – from the county council. Having been told to move their cars last week, they were dismayed to find that the road wasn't done when advertised. It's advertised again today but no-one has been asked to move their car. Chris has taken it up with the county council. (more)

The Blood is The Life 28-08-2014

Posted on Nothing is more important than my egomania
Thu 28th Aug 14 - 10:00

Good job none of these complainants were around @Brighouse247 for the 40s weekend (tags: ) First ever 3D-printed vertebra successfully implanted in 12-year-old cancer sufferer (tags: ) Coming out and staying out as a bisexual is an act of bravery... ... and Emily Yoffe's barely hidden contempt for bi people shows why that bravery is still necessary. (tags: ) Hopi Sen wants to see the spotify model for news media (tags: ) Support Andrew Hickey's Writing with micropayments (tags: ) Recipe Time: The British (serves 60 million) - Benjamin Zephaniah (tags: ) The most self-effacing Patreon I have yet seen: ... (more)