Saturday reading

Posted on From the Heart of Europe
Sat 3rd Dec 16 - 17:20

Current Tolstoy, by Henri Troyat Last books finished Short Trips: The History of Christmas, ed. Simon Guerrier Kings of the North, by Cecelia Holland AfroSF: Science Fiction by African Writers, ed. Nnedi Okorafor Next books Angels & Visitations: A Miscellany, by Neil Gaiman Alexander the Great: The Hunt for a New Past, by Paul Cartledge Bullet Time, by David A. McIntee Books acquired in last week Electoral Laws and their Political Consequences, eds Bernard Grosman and Arend Lijphart Comparing Electoral Systems, by David M. Farrell A Short History of Electoral Systems in Western Europe, by Andrew McLaren Carstairs (more)

Targeting Plus: how we can rebuild the Liberal Democrats

Posted by Mark Pack on Mark Pack
Sat 3rd Dec 16 - 16:40

As a follow-up to last year's pamphlet on building a Liberal Democrat core vote, I've written a new pamphlet with fifty-three specific recommendations: How to rebuild the Liberal Democrats. (more)

President Trump's mode of entrance for his first visit to China?

Posted by Paul Walter on Liberal Democrat Voice
Sat 3rd Dec 16 - 15:54

Embed from Getty Images As a snub, the Chinese once forced President Obama to leave Air Force One via "the ass of the plane", upon arrival in China After his phone call with the Taiwanese President, one wonders if President Trump may have to make his first entrance into China via even more precarious means... * Paul Walter is a Liberal Democrat activist. As part of the Liberal Democrat Voice team he helps with photos and moderation on the site, as well as occsionally contributing articles. He blogs at Liberal Burblings. (more)

Eurostar's views on Brexit

Posted by Mark Pack on Mark Pack
Sat 3rd Dec 16 - 14:25

Succinct and to the point from Eurostar in response to a government consultation on the business impact of Brexit. (more)

And so, a return to blogging

Posted by Richard Morris on A VIEW FROM HAM COMMON
Sat 3rd Dec 16 - 13:55

So after a brief period away while I set up my own business, I'm back . And what better reason to start blogging again than the return of a Lib Dem MP in my own constituency and the home of Ham Common - Richmond Park and North Kingston. This is my first 'home' by election after 20 odd years living here in Ham, and its been quite an experience. Others have blogged about the amazing number of activists who've arrived from all over the country and done such a brilliant job (for which of course a million thanks), but here's ... (more)

There's still a long way to go

Posted by jonathanwallace on Jonathan Wallace
Sat 3rd Dec 16 - 12:11

I didn't expect to stay up into the early hours of Friday morning to watch the Richmond by-election result live. I decided to watch a bit of the coverage at midnight to get an indication of how things were going and then go to bed. But then I saw Sky News interview Lib Dem MP Alistair Carmichael who wasn't giving too much away verbally but whose smile suggested we were doing well. I decided to (more)

January Training for Trainers - book your place now!

Posted by Caron Lindsay on Liberal Democrat Voice
Sat 3rd Dec 16 - 11:55

The Diversity Team is delighted to announce that it will be organising a two-day Training for Trainers Course, from Saturday 7 - Sunday 8 January 2017 in London at Lib Dem HQ. The course is designed to accredit new trainers who can deliver training courses on behalf of the party. This course is part of our ongoing effort to increase the amount of diversity training (ethnic minority, gender balance and unconscious bias) available within the party, therefore priority will be given to those we who can demonstrate a commitment to diversity training. The course will cover a range of essential ... (more)

The Blood is the Life for 03-12-2016

Posted on Safety Lights Are For Dudes
Sat 3rd Dec 16 - 10:00

Help us map street harassment around the world - BBC News RT @JayneLut: This is a great idea: Time to plot #everydaysexism and harrasment Instagram Erin at Raw Hairdressing has worked her magic on my colour again with lots of different... Robot Wars busts out its celebrity Christmas line-up OMG @DrLucyRogers Maggie Aderin-Pocock AND Suzi Perry? W00p w00p! The harrowing, inspiring life of Andrew Sachs RT @Matt_Corden_: The harrowing, inspiring life of Andrew Sachs. Witnessed Kristallnacht. RIP. Women with autism hide complex struggles behind masks | Spectrum Interesting, if frustratingly wed to the gender boundary, article about autism Why we ... (more)

1250 days to save the NHS: A new approach

Posted by Jon Taylor on Liberal Democrat Voice
Sat 3rd Dec 16 - 09:55

First a little about myself. I am 53 years old and have worked in health care for over 22 years. I have voted Liberal, latterly Liberal Democrat, for nearly 40 years now. I, like others, have been frustrated by the ongoing swing politics that has affected the United Kingdom since the last war. Whilst like many others I am saddened by the outcome of the referendum I know as a party we are committed to be outward looking and pro-European. This will mean maintaining and fostering close links our European neighbours. However we need to plan now as to how ... (more)

Deep coal mining has come to an end in the UK – Should we miss it?

Posted by Cllr. Tony Robertson on Sefton Focus
Sat 3rd Dec 16 - 09:44

Watching the recent TV programme about the closure of Kellingley Colliery (the UK's last deep mine) which ceased cutting coal in December 2015 was a odd moment for me as I come from a coal mining family. [IMG: Bentinck Colliery - Photographer unknown] Bentinck Colliery – Photographer unknown Two of my uncles were miners; one long dead (Henry Wright was a winding man at Bentinck Colliery in Kirkby In Ashfield) but the other only passed on in the last couple of weeks. That was my Uncle Doug Depledge* who was a Banksman at Sherwood Colliery in Mansfield until he took ... (more)