Marvel into darkness

Posted by Mark Mills on Matter Of Facts
Sun 26th Oct 14 - 07:16

The trailer for Avengers II is one of many signs that the massive Marvel Cinematic Universe may be taking a turn for the gloomy. Is that a wise decision? So we got to see the teaser trailer for the Avengers: Age of Ultron earlier that we were expecting – Hail Hydra! – and my overwhelming [...] (more)

Apprenticeships need to equip youngsters with skills for jobs

Posted by Eluned Parrott on Freedom Central
Sun 26th Oct 14 - 05:07

I am delighted that the Welsh Liberal Democrats' budget agreement with the Welsh Government was able to secure funding for 5,000 new apprenticeship places. Providing high-quality skills training is vital to boosting the Welsh economy and helping people to build careers and get on in life, and a highly skilled workforce is a key asset in attracting inward investment and jobs. Sadly, the fact remains that despite this new investment, there have been cuts to the Young Recruits programme and other work-based learning programmes, while other ineffective programmes such as Jobs Growth Wales have been protected. A Welsh Government-commissioned study ... (more)

Agents of Shield returns

Posted by Mark Mills on Matter Of Facts
Sun 26th Oct 14 - 00:15

I've kept this spoiler free. If you're watching in the States please don't spoiler me as the UK is several weeks behind. The very fact that Agents of Shield is back for a second season is remarkable. For most of its initial run it was resolutely mediocre. As a result, both audiences and critics had largely [...] (more)

Happy Weddingversary to @alexwilcock and @millenniumdome !

Posted by Andrew Hickey on Sci-Ence! Justice Leak!
Sat 25th Oct 14 - 23:40

This is a busy weekend for me, hence no proper posts yesterday or today — every spare moment has been spent with people. And tomorrow (well, thirty-four minutes from now) will be one of the busiest, as I'm going to the wedding of two of my favourite people, Alex Wilcock and Richard Flowers (who helps [...] (more)

A little night music... take two.

Posted by Mark Valladares on The view from Creeting St Peter
Sat 25th Oct 14 - 22:34

Yesterday, I brought you Monteverdi's version of Psalm 122, and wasn't it good? The words may not have been terribly familiar to you, especially given that it was in Latin - and no, I don't speak Latin either, it not having been a core subject at my North London comprehensive school. Ironically, in English, they are rather more familiar, although not in their most famous setting for more than sixty years now, for Psalm 122 has been sung at the entrance of the monarch at every British coronation since that of Charles I in 1626. So, here is Ian Esswood, ... (more)

Two actors from Weavers Green

Posted by Jonathan Calder on Liberal England
Sat 25th Oct 14 - 22:14

#500951519 / Given the breathless excitement that accompanied my discovery of the forgotten Anglia TV soap opera Weavers Green, I thought I would share this photograph with you. It shows two members of the cast: Grant Taylor and (with the cigarette) Eric Flynn. (more)

Greener Travel Plan Enforcement

Posted by James Barber on James Barber
Sat 25th Oct 14 - 22:06

At Southwarks Planning sub-Committee A 15 October we had to decide on a Dulwich school re organising its parking. It caters for 5-13 year old boys. This application was designed to enable a more secure site for child safety and while doing this upgrade the playground. This was in response to Southwark Council highlighting child safety concerns. Sadly it also requires the loss of depending how you read the plans 4 to 7 car parking spaces for staff. I read the before and after plans as reducing staff parking from 36 to 32 car parking spaces while doubling cycle parking. ... (more)

The evenings really were longer when I was young

Posted by Jonathan Calder on Liberal England
Sat 25th Oct 14 - 21:32

The sort of people who think we should have British Summer Time all the year round are like those who think voting should be compulsory or that Richard Branson should be prime minister. In all these cases, find someone else to talk to as soon as possible. If you doubt me, revisit the question of putting the clocks back around 6 January and ask yourself then if you really want it to be an hour darker and an hour colder when you have to get up for work. But I was surprised by a fact in the Independent's article suggesting ... (more)

Not bad for four and a half months

Posted by Energlyn Churchill on Towards the Sound of Gunfire
Sat 25th Oct 14 - 20:01

Barely four and a half months have passed since I rejoined the party, yet I'm probably more involved than at any time since the Welsh Lib Dems stopped paying my wages. Thus far, I have: attended the Social Liberal Forum Conference; committed to staffing the Social Liberal Forum Stall at the Welsh Lib Dem Autumn Conference; become the Secretary of my local party following the unexpected defection of my immediate predecessor; become an ex-officio Welsh Conference voting rep as a result of the above; and successfully secured nomination for election to the Welsh Liberal Democrats' Policy Committee. It is safe ... (more)

Green Belt – Lydiate Resident Group – Who are they?

Posted by Cllr. Tony Robertson on Sefton FocusSefton Focus
Sat 25th Oct 14 - 19:50

A close inspection of the responses to the last round of consultation, in respect of Sefton Council's Local Plan proposals, by a Lydiate resident threw up this question. You see there, sat in the Sefton Council on-line report, is a submission from this Group but no one seems to know who they are. The Lydiate World Web Site is looking for an answer and so are a number of local environmental campaigners who are fighting Labour-run Sefton Council's plans to build on Green Belt and high grade agricultural land around Maghull & Lydiate. I have read their submission which clearly ... (more)