No you-know-what in our campaign

Posted by Frank Little on ffranc sais
Tue 28th Mar 17 - 00:30

I see that some parties in England on the Remain side of the EU debate are intent on using the disillusionment with the process of Leaving to encourage tactical voting to get rid of Conservative and Socialist local councillors. This may have some limited effect, though I suspect the "Richmond effect" will not transfer so easily as its enthusiasts expect. But I disagree on principle with majoring on national issues in contests which will affect the direction of local councils for the next four or five years. Besides, it risks putting off voters who are natural Liberal sympathisers but are ... (more)

Watch a film of the 1967 Manchester Gorton by-election

Posted by Jonathan Calder on Liberal England
Mon 27th Mar 17 - 22:24

Konni Zilliacus, the Labour MP for Manchester Gorton died In July 1967. Granada TV was there to film the resultant by-election. Click on the still of Terry Lacey above to watch it on the British Film Institute website. Kenneth Marks, the Labour candidate, held the seat with a much reduced majority. He was to represent Gorton until 1983, when he retired from the Commons and Gerald Kaufman moved over from Manchester Ardwick. (Much of his old seat was included in the redrawn Gorton.) The Conservative candidate was Winston Churchill, grandson of the wartime prime minister. He later sat for Stretford ... (more)

Conservative members no longer believe in the Union - or Conservatism

Posted by Jonathan Calder on Liberal England
Mon 27th Mar 17 - 21:21

These days everyone has tablets and smartphones and there is free wifi everywhere. But I started blogging in an era when internet cafes were important to the citizen journalist. You found them in every town, usually in the poorer quarters where overseas students gathered and wanted to make cheap phone calls home. Many were not cafes at all - you could not even get a coffee - and I wouldn't have logged in to any accounts involving money in them. But I do miss that heroic era of blogging. I remember sitting in an internet cafe in King's Lynn in ... (more)

ALDC Local Election Appeal - we're halfway there!

Posted by ALDC on Liberal Democrat Voice
Mon 27th Mar 17 - 19:54

We've raised over £7,000 of our £15,000 target to back an additional 50 wards we are fighting to win this May. Thanks to the generosity of scores of ALDC and Liberal Democrat supporters, 20 seats are now receiving additional direct mail to help them win. We're now able to help: Neil Mottershead tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in Burnley Emily Smith fight for traffic improvements in Abingdon Beverley Baker defend her seat in Shropshire I'm sure you'll agree that on Friday May 5th we want to be seeing on the TV; hearing on the radio; and reading in the papers: ... (more)

The mystery of the wife beater who says he is about to sign for Leicestershire

Posted by Jonathan Calder on Liberal England
Mon 27th Mar 17 - 19:45

A shocking story from The Pool: What would a cricketer use to beat his wife? The answer is as obvious as it is devastating. Mustafa Bashir, 34, who plays for a local cricket league in Oldham, Greater Manchester, used his bat as part of vicious attacks against his wife, 33-year-old Fakhara Karim, in which he also poured bleach down her throat, grabbed her neck to the point she thought she would die, tried to break her fingers and slapped her so hard she fell unconscious. He threatened to kill himself before telling her that he wanted her to kill herself ... (more)

"Brexit: What The Hell Happens Now?"

Posted by Mary Reid on Liberal Democrat Voice
Mon 27th Mar 17 - 18:22

Here is a neat explanation for you to share with anyone who wants to know. It was created by Damn Fine Media, which is run by two former BBC producers. * Mary Reid is the Monday Editor on Lib Dem Voice. (more)

Former Mayor's Medal

Posted by Alisdair Gibbs-Barton on Alisdair Gibbs-Barton
Mon 27th Mar 17 - 16:50

At the Blyth Town Council full council meeting last week I was presented with the pictured medal The cost to the council was relatively minimal, and is the only reminder of the year I had as Mayor of Blyth ( except of course some memories ) It is an honour to be voted Mayor by your fellow councillors, and an honour to be given this memento of my term of office (more)

The Observer on a hard Brexit

Posted by The Voice on Liberal Democrat Voice
Mon 27th Mar 17 - 16:45

Embed from Getty Images We don't usually cover newspaper editorials, but the one yesterday in The Observer was extraordinarily angry and intense. The subeditors and author seemed to have had second thoughts about how it should be titled. The online version was originally headed "The triggering of article 50 jeopardises 60 years of unparalleled peace" – a quote from the piece, and a strong enough sentiment, but it does not do justice to rest of the hard-hitting post which begins: Like sheep, the British people, regardless of whether they support Brexit, are being herded off a cliff, duped and misled ... (more)

Deadlines and dates for the Liberal Democrat autumn conference in Bournemouth

Posted by Mark Pack on Mark Pack
Mon 27th Mar 17 - 16:35

The next Liberal Democrat federal conference will be in Bournemouth on 16-19 September (keeping the new 'temporary' sort-of-shorter format). (more)

Human bargaining chips

Posted by Ryan Lailvaux on Liberal Democrat Voice
Mon 27th Mar 17 - 15:00

Embed from Getty Images Poker is a game that is not won by playing the hand but by playing the people. On May 29th, Theresa May will trigger Article 50 that will start the lengthy process of negotiating a deal with the EU. She might feel confident with the size of Britain's economy, outstanding financial service sector and vast number of international companies behind her. When compared to the might of the Single Market, it might not be enough. Liam Fox revealed the Prime Minister's intentions when he said, to give EU nationals the right to stay "before we get ... (more)