Nick Clegg Launches the Workload Challenge - Giving Teachers Their Say

Posted by Nick Hollinghurst on Nick Hollinghurst
Thu 23rd Oct 14 - 09:16

[IMG: Teacher and pupil] Liberal Democrat Leader and Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg has launched the Workload Challenge and invited teachers from across the country to have their say on the causes of unnecessary workload. Nick recently said that many teachers had been left feeling "browbeaten" and undervalued. He also expressed concern for the rising workloads face by teachers. To address this, Nick has announced the Workload Challenge, which gives teachers the opportunity to tell the government what they think should be done to reduce this increasing problem. Nick wants to free teachers up to spend the time outside the ... (more)

I like this Liberal Democrat office wall

Posted by Mark Pack on Mark Pack
Thu 23rd Oct 14 - 08:55

Btw, which of you @LibDems teams also have a membership barometer like @laylamoran @OxWAb ? #barometerenvy — Daisy Cooper (@Daisy4Change) October 17, 2014 (more)

Meeting with Logie residents

Last night, I had the pleasure of chairing a well-attended meeting of Logie residents, which took place at the Lime Street sheltered lounge. I am indebted to the City Council's Conservation Officer who spoke with the residents about the new draft Logie Conservation Area Appraisal document currently out to consultation. He also answered a wide range of Conservation Area related questions from residents. There are currently two other West End conservation area draft appraisals out to consultation (West End Suburbs and West End Lanes) - more details here. At the meeting we also discussed various other issues - including the ... (more)

Sefton Village War Memorial

Posted by Cllr. Tony Robertson on Sefton FocusSefton Focus
Thu 23rd Oct 14 - 08:30

Returning again to my World War One theme for 2014 here is a link to the Flickr site of Thomas Kelly who has taken a really nice shot of the Sefton Village War Memorial:- (more)

Temporary closure of cycle path Greenmarket to Roseangle

The cycle path across the former rail goods yard, now digital media park, was closed earlier this month as a result of the construction works for the new Seabraes pedestrian bridge. The City Council has advised me : "Signage was erected one week in advance to notify cyclists that the section of cycleway in question would be closed from the 14th October 2014. Please see ... photo.The cycleway was closed ... and appropriate diversion signs are in place." I have made the point to the City Council that, unlike a road closure, there is no advance Traffic Order notice system ... (more)

Merseyside Police Stations closures – Meeting at Maghull Town Hall

Posted by Cllr. Tony Robertson on Sefton FocusSefton Focus
Thu 23rd Oct 14 - 08:29

As part of the public consultation by Merseyside Police Commissioner Jane Kennedy over her plans to close old and too large police stations and move local policing teams to smaller premises a meeting was held at Maghull Town Hall yesterday evening. Trouble is virtually no one turned up. [IMG: rsz_tony_at_maghull_police_station_06_13] I got a call from the press earlier in the day asking if I knew about the meeting because no one at the Town hall seemed to. I did but told them that I had already been to a previous similar meeting held in Liverpool a few weeks ago, in ... (more)

The Liberal Party and the First World War - event in London next month

Posted by Duncan Brack on Liberal Democrat Voice
Thu 23rd Oct 14 - 08:14

[IMG: War graves] In this year, a hundred years since the coming of war in August 1914, the conflict is remembered chiefly for
 its impact on the millions of ordinary men, women and children who were to suffer and die and over the following four years. Lives were altered forever and society transformed. But the war had political consequences too: empires fell, new nations emerged and British political parties and the party system underwent profound change - a transformation which plunged the Liberal Party into civil war and caused it to plummet from a natural party of government to electoral ... (more)

Second councillor in three weeks quits "bullying" Stockport Labour

Posted by Iain Roberts on Graham, Mark, Pam, Keith & IainGraham, Mark, Pam, Keith & Iain
Thu 23rd Oct 14 - 06:43

Cllr Paul Moss resigns from Labour Councillor Paul Moss, who represents Reddish North ward on Stockport Council, has resigned from the Labour Party to sit as an Independent, saying "I can no longer be bullied into supporting the underhand actions of my party". Cllr Moss is opposing proposals to build houses on part of Reddish Vale Country Park as part of the wider Brinnington Regeneration Scheme*. Cllr Moss is the second Stockport councillor in three weeks to quit Labour: Cllr Laura Booth (Offerton) resigned earlier this month citing a "culture of systematic bullying in the local Labour party". Cllr Booth ... (more)

California Dreaming: So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star?

Posted by Andrew Hickey on Sci-Ence! Justice Leak!
Thu 23rd Oct 14 - 00:01

But is it about the Monkees or not? With Gene Clark gone from the band, the Byrds' star was fading. Without their lead singer and most commercial songwriter, their last two singles had only reached numbers 44 and 36 in the charts. Their imperial phase had only lasted a little under a year, between Mr [...] (more)

La vie sans sucre: 5 things I've learned by avoiding sweet foods

Posted by Mark Mills on Matter Of Facts
Wed 22nd Oct 14 - 23:25

I'm now 9 days away from finishing my month without sweet food and drink to raise money for Mind. Thanks to Tom, Sarah, Helen and Duncan who've donated already. If you would like to join them then please visit my page on Just Giving. Here are 5 things I've learned so far: 1. A tougher rule [...] (more)