Lib Dem membership tops 80,000

Posted by Mark Pack on Mark Pack
Fri 20th Jan 17 - 13:17

Continuing the sharp growth in Liberal Democrat membership since the 2015 general election, events of the last few days have now pushed it over 80,000: Over a thousand members have joined the party during the course of the week, half of which have joined since Corbyn confirmed Labour will back the Tories in triggering article 50, even if it leads to a hard Brexit without the public being given a say. Membership is now at its highest this century with 2016 being the best year for membership growth since the party was founded and continues to rise. Commenting, Liberal Democrat ... (more)

Where to look for new candidates?

Posted by Claire Halliwell on Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors
Fri 20th Jan 17 - 11:57

[IMG: web story image always stand] When it comes to finding those candidates it is, of course, a question of asking. Don't make it just one persons responsibility. Ask all councillors, officers and activists to suggest names and divide the ask between a number of people. Also with our recent surge in membership it is also important to ask and advise what [...] (more)

The PM is building a wall, and Northern Ireland is going to pay

Posted by Ciaran McGonagle on Liberal Democrat Voice
Fri 20th Jan 17 - 11:55

Theresa Mayís long awaited speech on Brexit was notable both for what she did say and, perhaps more conspicuously, for what she did not. On Northern Ireland specifically, the Prime Minister declared that the maintenance of the Common Travel Area will be an important priority during the negotiation and that the UK will work to deliver a ìpractical solutionî so as to avoid a return to the ìborders of the past. The practical solution posited by Mrs. May was subject to the caveat that the integrity of the UK's immigration system must be protected. This, the Prime Minister suggests, is ... (more)

Brexit – May(hem) is determined to push the UK over the edge

Posted by Cllr. Tony Robertson on Sefton Focus
Fri 20th Jan 17 - 11:36

Lib Dem Leader Tim Farron says "Now we know what Theresa May's Brexit looks like and it's not pretty. The Government is pushing for a destructive hard Brexit with the UK leaving the single market. It will be a disaster for jobs, our economy and for public services. The sad fact is, this speech could have been written by Peter Bone, delivered by Nigel Farage and will no doubt be cheered on by Jeremy Corbyn. We – the Liberal Democrats are the only party that will oppose this Conservative Brexit Government." And here in The Guardian the Lib Dem Leader ... (more)

Theresa May's Brexit moves from tautology to oxymoron but makes the best of a bad job

Posted by Matthew on thinking liberal
Fri 20th Jan 17 - 11:25

An oxymoron replaces a tautology. Theresa May, the British Prime Minister is contemptuous of intellectuals that try to weave policies into a wider, coherent narrative. Instead she concentrates on a series of tasks, whose solutions may clash with one another. In her speech on Brexit last Tuesday Mrs May moved her defining slogan on from "Brexit ... Continue reading Theresa May's Brexit moves from tautology to oxymoron but makes the best of a bad job → (more)

Here's why Trump hates the EU

Posted by Nick on
Fri 20th Jan 17 - 10:34

Inauguration day, here we are. Today, Donald Trump becomes the 45th president of the United States of America. A lot has been written about Trump breaking from conventional American foreign policy in numerous ways, not least of which in terms of volume having to do with how instead of seeing the European Union as the best guarantor for American interests in Europe (as every other president in the relevant era has done), Trump sees the EU as fundamentally a bad thing. Few of the speculative articles on this really seem to understand why Trump feels this way, although it is ... (more)

Come to the future women MPs weekend!

Posted by Natalie Chindipha on Liberal Democrat Voice
Fri 20th Jan 17 - 10:20

The Campaign for Gender Balance (CGB) and the Diversity & Talent Support Team are pleased to announce that this year's Future Women MPs Weekend will be held on Saturday 4 - Sunday 5 March 2017 at the Jurys Inn Hotel in Milton Keynes. Future Women MPs weekend is an intensive residential training weekend for any aspiring female MPs within the party; whether you are already an approved candidate or are yet to take that initial first step, this is the perfect way to kick start your journey to Westminster. Jo Swinson, Tessa Munt and Jenny Willott all started their successful ... (more)

Bury and Prestwich Walk-In Centres to Close

Posted by timpickstone on Tim Pickstone
Fri 20th Jan 17 - 09:27

Bury's NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) met on Wednesday (18 January 2017) to consider the outcome of its own 'consultation' on the future of our two Walk-In Centre (Bury and Prestwich). The result of the public engagement undertaken included over 1,000 survey completed by residents: 90% thought that the Walk-In Centres serve a purpose not otherwise provided in Bury. 83.5% disagree or strongly disagree with a decision to not renew the Walk-In Centres. The CCG recognised that the largest number of objections and concerns were regarding the Prestwich Walk-In Centre, rather than the Moorgate Centre. Only one petition was received ... (more)

McArthur: Time to 'Walk The Talk' on Emissions Reduction

Posted by dawudislam on WELCOME TO LIB DEM HAME
Fri 20th Jan 17 - 09:09

Responding to the publication of the Scottish Government's Draft Climate Change Plan, outlining an ambition to reduce emissions by 66% by 2032 compared to 1990 levels, Scottish Liberal Democrat energy spokesperson Liam McArthur MSP commented: "Having only met our climate change targets once in five years we need a plan and a vision, backed by ... Continue reading McArthur: Time to 'Walk The Talk' on Emissions Reduction (more)

ALDE Express Concerns over Western Balkans

Posted by dawudislam on WELCOME TO LIB DEM HAME
Fri 20th Jan 17 - 09:07

ALDE MEP Ivo Vajgl (Slovenia, DeSuS), European Parliament's rapporteur on Macedonia, expressed his concerns at rising tensions among the countries of the Western Balkans in recent weeks. Ivo Vajgl calls on leaders of the Western Balkan countries to keep the region stable and focus on the European integration process: "Recent statements of some leaders are ... Continue reading ALDE Express Concerns over Western Balkans (more)