So what if Brexit does not actually happen?

Posted by Cllr. Tony Robertson on Sefton Focus
Mon 11th Dec 17 - 13:41

MSN has the story on its web site – see link above Now for those Brexiters who still read this anti-Brexit blog site I would guess that even the suggestion of Brexit not being followed through (at any cost – the more harm the better) will require them to take to the streets demanding that the UK self-destructs itself. But in the real world we all know that May and Corbyn and are in a right old tangle about how to deliver Brexit without flushing the UK down the economic pan of history. May's presently got to find the ... (more)

New Bus Depot to be built in Consett

Posted by Owen Temple on Owen Temple & Margaret Nealis
Mon 11th Dec 17 - 12:43

An artist's impression of the new Consett depot Go North East is relocating its Stanley depot after nearly 100 years in the town, to a new facility in Consett. The company has received planning approval from Durham County Council to build a new high-specification depot on Hownsgill Industrial Estate in Consett. The purpose-built 11,585sq/ft depot will include a lean engineering facility to streamline processes and make vehicle maintenance more efficient, a full-recycling vehicle wash and spill-free refuelling system. The current Stanley depot, which sits on the site of a former ice-rink, is in major need of refurbishment, necessitating the new ... (more)

How the Samaritans helped me and how they can help you

Posted by Paul Walter on Liberal Democrat Voice
Mon 11th Dec 17 - 12:31

In the last two years, I have been helped twice by the Samaritans. The first time was when I had a number of personal, family and work issues piling up. I felt as though everything was getting on top of me, and that if I wasn't careful, I would end up feeling worse. As usual my family were a great support to me. But I just felt I wanted to reach out to another human being, unconnected with the situations, to share what I was going through. I emailed . Emailing seemed the best thing for me in that ... (more)

When is an agreement not an agreement?

Posted by jonathanwallace on Jonathan Wallace
Mon 11th Dec 17 - 12:25

Answer: when it's signed off by David Davis. His suggestion yesterday that the UK could go back on the agreement drawn up last week and, contrary to what the Chancellor has announced, we abandon our obligations to pay our bills, signal that he can't be trusted. The UK is in serious danger of being regarded by our friends abroad as one of the members of that exclusive club of international basket (more)

Year in Fandom meme via lizbee

Posted on There is no tinsel, only Zuul
Mon 11th Dec 17 - 12:12

Your main fandom of the year? As in the one I've spent most time in/on? Probably Dexter, given that I mainlined all 8 series, although I've never been so angry about ANYTHING as I was about the end of that show. Your favorite film watched this year? Wonder Woman. No, Moana. No, Wonder Woman. No, Moana. Argh. Your favorite book read this year? I've got a few I gave five stars to: - The Distant Echo by Val McDermid - Out Of Bounds by Val McDermid - Windwitch by Susan Rennard - several of the Doctor Who Mr Men books ... (more)

My tweets

Posted on From the Heart of Europe
Mon 11th Dec 17 - 11:00

Sun, 12:56: 'Beautiful' dinosaur tail found preserved in amber Wow. Sun, 13:21: What line of longitude passes through most countries? Sun, 16:05: The Longest-Living Vertebrate on Earth The Greenland Shark. Sun, 16:22: RT @DoctorWhoReview: David Bradley has enjoyed a lifetime of Doctor Who - now he's bringing the classic series back to life Sun, 17:51: Sunday reading Sun, 20:48: George Vassiliou: the years of lost opportunities The former Greek Cypriot leader reflects. Sun, 22:01: RT @leicesterliz: Although I foolishly failed to clock that my interviewer (the wonderful Dr Brendan Bradshaw) was an Irish Catholic ... (more)

The Blood is the Life for 11-12-2017

Posted on There is no tinsel, only Zuul
Mon 11th Dec 17 - 11:00

Instagram photoIf you're wondering why I'm still oon beef at this time it is because Roxy has decreed Snuggle Time. Mensa membership correlates with all sorts of physical and mental illnessesI would be really interested to see what the causation of this correlation is. Germany has come up with the best solution to single-use coffee cupsThis is excellent Widening inequality is largely a US and UK phenomenon - why?Wisdom from Our Glorious Leader. miss_s_b | A Tale of Two Podcasts: @limehousepod & @liberatedpodIn which I "review" (i.e. complain about) two lib dem podcasts I completed this week's weekly food challenge. ... (more)

Money to support young people who want to see a parliamentary by-election campaign at first hand

Posted by Paul Walter on Liberal Democrat Voice
Mon 11th Dec 17 - 10:55

I thought that might get your attention...! It's eighteen months since the death of David Rendel, former Liberal Democrat MP for Newbury from 1993 to 2005. His untimely demise was obviously a cruel blow for his family. In Newbury, we also miss him dreadfully in the Liberal Democrats. We lost a great friend. I lost a great friend. I miss his humility, his enormous wisdom, his integrity, his selflessness, his sense of humour, his encouraging smile, his endless energy and passion for liberalism. Fortunately, shortly before his death, when asked if there was anything that the local Lib Dems could ... (more)

Further update on warehouse fire

Posted by Paul Hulbert on Focus on Sodbury, Yate and Dodington
Mon 11th Dec 17 - 10:50

Council officers and Avon Fire and Rescue Service visited the fire site on the industrial estate last week. The building needs to be demolished before the fire can be extinguished completely. Rather than summarise a complicated document here, please check out the detailed information on the South Glos website. (more)

Snow bulletin from Herts CC last night

Posted by chriswhite on Chris White
Mon 11th Dec 17 - 10:09

HCC staff have been working hard to respond to the level of snow that Hertfordshire is currently experiencing and there have been meetings held during the day to monitor the situation, review services and determine any action that needs to be taken to ensure that we are maintaining the highest possible levels of service to [...] (more)