Vince focuses on housing as he visits his old Council ward

Posted by The Voice on Liberal Democrat Voice
Sat 24th Feb 18 - 17:51

Vince Cable is up in Scotland this weekend. He's speaking at East Dunbartonshire Lib Dems' dinner tonight. It's the local party's first dinner since Jo Swinson was re-elected as MP last June. He took a nostalgic trip to his old Council ward in Glasgow Maryhill first. He was a Labour councillor back in the 70s. When he was a councillor he and colleagues got tenements refurbished and saved a community from dispersal. A trip down memory lane for @vincecable as he returned to his old @GlasgowCC #Maryhill ward. He stopped the tenements demolition, the Maryhill motorway and invested in social ... (more)

Ben Bradley apologises to Jeremy Corbyn over tweet and makes payment to charity

Posted by Jonathan Calder on Liberal England
Sat 24th Feb 18 - 15:03

Embed from Getty Images Ben Bradley, the Conservative MP for Mansfield, has apologised unreservedly for his tweet claiming Jeremy Corbyn had "sold British secrets to communist spies". He has also pledged never to repeat the claims in any form, agreed to make a substantial donation to charities of the Labour leader's choosing and meet his legal costs. Corbyn will divide the donation between a homeless charity and a food bank in Mansfield. The Labour Party website has the wording of the apology Bradley will tweet: On 19 February 2018 I made a seriously defamatory statement on my Twitter account, 'Ben ... (more)

The Bus Oxford tried to ban comes to Edinburgh

Posted by Caron Lindsay on Liberal Democrat Voice
Sat 24th Feb 18 - 14:23

It was freezing cold in Edinburgh this morning but that didn't stop a crowd of people gathering to welcome the Is it Worth it? bus. Remember when Boris traversed the land with a bus with a big fat lie on the side of it during the EU referendum? Well, anti Brexit campaigners have funded a bus tour with the truth, as outlined in the UK Government's own analysis, emblazoned on the side. The bus spent an hour parked in the historic Royal Mile. In fact, it was parked right outside the City of Edinburgh Council's City Chambers. This is a ... (more)

Outrageous Tales from the Old Testament

Posted on From the Heart of Europe
Sat 24th Feb 18 - 14:23

Second frame with dialogue of third chapter (for context, Moses has didactically asked the Israelites what it is that he does not want to see when he gets back from answering God's phone call; this particular story is by Alan Moore and Hunt Emerson, adapted from Leviticus 20): Thirty years ago, in 1987, Knockabout Comics produced this adaptation of fourteen Old Testament stories by leading comics artists; I got it as part of the Neil Gaiman Humble Bundle a few years back, he being the author of six of the fourteen stories (including Jael and Sisera as illustrated by Julie ... (more)

Vince: Government must act to secure university lecturers' pensions

Posted by Caron Lindsay on Liberal Democrat Voice
Sat 24th Feb 18 - 12:23

This smart little piece of digital magic sums up Vince Cable's position on the university lecturers' strike. He has called on the Government to underwrite the lecturers' pension scheme. .@vincecable has written to universities minister Sam Gyimah, calling on the government to underwrite the universities pension scheme in order to unblock the impasse that is causing the strikes by lecturers. Read Vince's full letter here > — Liberal Democrats (@LibDems) February 24, 2018 The former Business Secretary, who was responsible for universities, called on the Government to intervene to stop lecturers being left up to £10,000 a year ... (more)

Where Wales leads...

Posted by Peter Black on Peter Black
Sat 24th Feb 18 - 11:40

As this report makes clear, it is most probably too early to properly assess the impact of introducing deemed consent for organ donation in Wales. The report says that although awareness of and support for the change in the law is high, this has dropped off recently as the law settles down and publicity for it is less intense. The authors also suggest that NHS staff working within organ donation may also benefit from further training, particularly around the organ donation conversation with the family. They add that despite the high awareness and support for the new law, analysis of ... (more)

Who cares what Kylie Jenner said about Snapchat?

Posted by Maelo Manning on Liberal Girl aged 18
Sat 24th Feb 18 - 11:39

The day before yesterday it was revealed that Snapchat's value dropped by $1.3 billion following a tweet by Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the Kardashian family. In the tweet (pictured), she claims that she no longer uses the popular social media app and this caused investors to take note and jump ship from Snapchat. Who cares what Kylie Jenner has to say? Young people have been complaining about the recent Snapchat update and how it renders the app virtually unusable for weeks. I cannot believe that investors base decisions on flighty celebrities' likes and dislikes. It is worrying that our ... (more)

They don't advertise political party membership like this any more

Posted by Mark Pack on Mark Pack
Sat 24th Feb 18 - 11:25

From an early recruitment leaflet for the SDP issued in 1981 comes this unusual comparison... (more)

My tweets

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Sat 24th Feb 18 - 11:00

Fri, 12:00: 'Mad Max' Brexit and other dystopian visions for leaving the EU via @financialtimes Fri, 12:40: RT @BelgiumMFA: 🔛 Watch Minister of Foreign Affairs 🇧🇪 @DReynders as he addresses the closing plenary #CEPSlab18 on ´ The Way Forward' #The... Fri, 12:43: RT @LilyanaPavlova: Looking forward to my participation at #CEPSLab2018 #EuropeBackOnTrack. At 12.30 today discussing the perspectives for... Fri, 12:51: RT @tobyvogel: The Brits were an excuse for EU member states not to introduce more majority voting in Council - after Brexit this should be... Fri, 12:56: Ten Lies Distort The Gun Control Debate Well worth reading ... (more)

The Blood is the Life for 24-02-2018

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Sat 24th Feb 18 - 11:00

Stonewall quits Pride in London over failure to involve black and ethnic minority communities File this one under Brian-Clough-punching-the-football-supporter news The trouble knowing how much screen time is 'OK' Part of the problem is the use of the words "screen time", which includes passive TV watching, social media, and Wii Sports (or whatever the modern equivalent is) miss_s_b | A new DW comm that may be relevant to the interests of many of my readers Come and join The Good Place comm. Everything is fine. Hell hath no fury like a lawyer scorned And despite the name changes, the picture ... (more)