Liberal Democrat economic plan for next parliament

Posted by LD Neath on Aberavon & Neath Liberal Democrats
Fri 27th Mar 15 - 03:00


Envelope stuffing

Posted by jonathanwallace on Jonathan Wallace
Fri 27th Mar 15 - 00:51

Hooray! Over 3000 letters stuffed into envelopes recently and last night they were all bundled together in their delivery patches. They are all for my ward and delivery will take place in the next day or so. We are writing to a variety of people so the different letters had to be integrated together. (more)

Visiting Dunston Staiths

Posted by jonathanwallace on Jonathan Wallace
Fri 27th Mar 15 - 00:31

On Tuesday, there was a ceremony to mark the opening of the Dunston Staiths after the completion of restoration work. I missed the speeches as I had to be at another meeting, but when I arrived, I managed to snap a few pictures, some of which I have included here. The Staiths are the biggest wooden structure in Europe though, sadly, it was damaged a few years ago by arsonists. Nevertheless, (more)

The Solid Silver 60s Show

Posted by Andrew Hickey on Sci-Ence! Justice Leak!
Fri 27th Mar 15 - 00:28

One thing I do occasionally, but rarely write about, is attend package shows of old 60s pop stars. These shows have a bad reputation, and not without reason, but at the same time they do provide a service. Very occasionally you'll get someone on there who could hold down a full show by themselves — [...] (more)

Councillor Eagle's budget speech

Posted by jonathanwallace on Jonathan Wallace
Fri 27th Mar 15 - 00:22

Gateshead Labour Councillor John Eagle is a regular reader of this blog. Hardly a meeting goes by with his making a reference to it. He has supported some rather distasteful views in the past, backing a Facebook site that advocated the violent murder of Margaret Thatcher. I've put the whole of his speech that he made at last month's budget meeting onto YouTube. In it he employed a rather vile (more)

Disused railway stations in Hampshire

Posted by Jonathan Calder on Liberal England
Thu 26th Mar 15 - 22:23

And then there's Devon, Bedfordshire, North Lincolnshire, East Sussex, Leicestershire and Herefordshire. (more)

Basically Ed Miliband is saying he likes Lynne Featherstone's record

Posted by Mark Pack on Mark Pack
Thu 26th Mar 15 - 22:09

The two things Ed Miliband likes about David Cameron are both laws the Lib Dems secured: 2 things EdM likes about the PM are both Lib Dem policies, equal marriage and uk aid law #BattleForNumber10 — Liberal Democrats (@LibDems) March 26, 2015 And of course there's one Lib Dem who has been both minister for equalities and then for international development. Basically Ed Miliband is saying he likes Lynne Featherstone's record. (more)

Lib Dems Believe Wordle 8

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Thu 26th Mar 15 - 22:06

Lib Dems Believe Wordle 8 (more)

Sad news from Ashfield as Jason Zadrozny stands down after arrest

Posted by Mark Pack on Mark Pack
Thu 26th Mar 15 - 21:17

Sad and shocking news: A Liberal Democrat candidate has been suspended after he was arrested over allegations of child sex abuse, leaving the party's battle to win a key target seat in tatters. Jason Zadrozny was running in the Ashfield and Eastwood constituency in Nottinghamshire, currently held by Labour front-bencher Gloria de Piero. She won the seat over him with a tiny majority of 192 and Nick Clegg's party were eyeing it up as one of the rare gains they are looking to win in 2015. Although Ashfield was not on many people's political radars, the party's chances of winning ... (more)


Posted by Eric Avebury on Eric Avebury
Thu 26th Mar 15 - 20:55

Blood results last 6 months 25.03 2.03 21.01 24.12 26.11 29.10 Normal Hb 98 98 101 104 109 100 130 - 180 WBC 3.15 3.36 3.52 4.0 3.02 3.1 4.5 - 10.0 Neutrophils 1.57 1.78 1.6 1.8 1.16 1.43 2.0 - 7.5 Plt 369 449 494 551 391 427 150 - 450 Platelets well inside normal range. They deal with clotting and if they get too high they cause thrombosis. Haemoglobin rather low but hydroxycarbamide dose, now 500 mg 5 days a week, stays the same. If it was lowered it would tend to improve Hb, but possibly reverse the ... (more)