Blyth Town Council September meetings

Posted by Alisdair Gibbs-Barton on Alisdair Gibbs-Barton
Sun 25th Aug 19 - 16:14

The following are the scheduled meetings of Blyth Town Council for September 2019 Tuesday 3rd September - Community Funding Sub-Committee Tuesday 10th September - Special Environment Committee Thursday 12th September - Planning and Development Sub Committee ( 6:00 pm ) Thursday 12th September - Community Development Committee Except as noted meetings are held at Arms Evertyne House and start at 6:30 pm If you intend attending any of these meetings please confirm with BTC that the dates and times are still correct (more)

Doctor Who: Scratchman, by Tom Baker [with James Goss]

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Sun 25th Aug 19 - 15:22

Second paragraph of third chapter: Harry backed away from them, diving into the shadows. He could hear rats scrabbling frantically overhead. He heard a distant scream, carried on the winds from the farmhouse. At long last, a project discussed between Tom Baker and Ian Marter in the mid-1970s sees the light of day, with a lot of heavy lifting from James Goss (who as my regular reader knows is my favourite of the current Who writers). Unusually, it is told by the Fourth Doctor in the first person. Goss has done this successfully a couple of tines before - with ... (more)

Ex-pat pensioners to suffer from no-deal Brexit

Posted by Peter Black on Peter Black
Sun 25th Aug 19 - 14:37

I recall the time when the Tories relied on overseas voters to win seats like the Vale of Glamorgan. I am not so sure that they will have quite the same level of support from continent-based Brits if they crash us out of Europe without a deal. There has been a lot written about the impact of Brexit on European citizens living in the UK, but we must not forget that there is approximately three million UK citizens living elsewhere in the European Union. And as The Sunday Times reveals, that could lead to some dire consequences, for those dependant ... (more)

The Brexit Shambles

Posted by David Watts on David Watts
Sun 25th Aug 19 - 14:23

Once again we see what a shambles Brexit has become. Boris Johnson seems surprised that the Germans and French weren't bending over backwards to give him a new deal. Unfortunately all his lies are now coming home to roost. How the Conservative Party could put their trust in a man who is a proven and serial liar is beyond me. The UK now seems on course for a no deal Brexit and some people seem to believe that this is what people voted for. No they didn't. Voters were made all sorts of promises by leave campaigners about this been ... (more)

Great footage from the 1969 Islington North by-election

Posted by Mark Pack on Mark Pack
Sun 25th Aug 19 - 12:36

Some things are rather different about elections in North Islington now compared with 1969, but as this report from the 1969 Islington North by-election shows - not everything. (more)

Working until 75 is fine for a minority

Posted by richardkemp on But what does Richard Kemp think?
Sun 25th Aug 19 - 12:06

Ken Dodd was working until days before he died in his 90th year. It would be great if we all had a job we loved which 'kept us going'. But we don't so we need to consider new ways of ... Continue reading → (more)

The Watersons: Bellman

Posted by Jonathan Calder on Liberal England
Sun 25th Aug 19 - 11:47

"An impassioned elegy for a fox-hound," according to A.L. Lloyd, who said the Watersons got it from Paul Graney of Manchester. Some of the words - "he's gone where the good doggies go" and "Now some people use guns to kill foxes/And they says that it's far more humane." - suggests the song has a modern hand in it. Now watch Travelling for a Living, a 1966 documentary about the Watersons. (more)

A history of Sefton Borough's Communities

Posted by Cllr. Tony Robertson on Sefton Focus
Sun 25th Aug 19 - 11:03

Whilst searching for the of the term origin of 'Yort' a while back (see my posting of 23 07 19 'Formby – What is a Yort?') I happened upon this fascinating document by the Museum of Liverpool & English Heritage on the internet:- Sefton Historic Settlement Study – Merseyside Historic Characterisation Project from 2011 Here's the introduction to the 84 page document:- Introduction to Historic Settlement Study The aim of the historic settlement study was to produce a consistent pro-forma template of information on settlements identified across all the historical townships in all 5 districts of Merseyside as based ... (more)

My tweets

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Sun 25th Aug 19 - 11:00

Sat, 12:56: RT @TheDaiLlew: The Sun: "You can't say nothing these days. It's PC gone mad!" Also The Sun: "OMG A WOMAN DID A SWEAR." Sat, 14:01: RT @frootsmag: Sad to hear of the death of Shirley Hart who, alongside her partner Colin Wilkie, was one of the mainstays of the early Alde... Sat, 14:38: RT @DavidHenigUK: Basic rule of trade policy - if you want a deal with the US or EU you have to accept their terms. The privilege is tariff... Sat, 14:42: RT @FinancialTimes: Tony Barber: The German language is fizzling out in British schools faster ... (more)

Taking a lead from the family friendly Sheffield campaign HQ

Posted by Miranda Roberts on Liberal Democrat Voice
Sun 25th Aug 19 - 10:40

Politics and families don't always go well together. Being active in politics, whether as a volunteer, team member or candidate often means spending time in the campaign headquarters. When you have a child with you, that often becomes a barrier that prevents you from taking part. Here in Sheffield Hallam we have Laura Gordon as our PPC and she has a one year old little girl. That has prompted us to take a much more proactive approach to becoming a family friendly campaign HQ. In the clerical room we have a playpen in the corner, with a playmat for newborns ... (more)