How Lib Dems are using Pokemon Go

Posted by Caron Lindsay on Liberal Democrat Voice
Sat 23rd Jul 16 - 13:15

Embed from Getty Images This week I succumbed, only for the sake of family bonding, to the latest craze sweeping the planet, or at least that part of it that can afford a mobile phone with enough 4G data to do it. Pokemon Go is, actually, a good thing. If it does nothing other than get the nerds some Vitamin D, it will have succeeded. It's also a pretty social occupation. It's great to see crowds of people gathering around landmarks actually talking to each other. The speed at which phrases like "I only have to walk another 5k to ... (more)

Liberal Democrat position on Police merger vindicated by Scottish think tank

Posted by The Voice on Liberal Democrat Voice
Sat 23rd Jul 16 - 12:20

The Lib Dems have form for calling things right – the Iraq War, the Credit Crunch, Mystic Clegg's account of what would happen post Brexit vote. We also said from the beginning that merging Scotland's eight police forces into one was a disaster waiting to happen. So it has been proven in many ways from routine arming of Police in the Highlands to the failures related to the M9 crash where two people died after being left for 3 days, to the closing down of saunas in Edinburgh, ruining years of a system that worked. Now think tank Reform Scotland ... (more)

Suggestions for constitutional changes after Brexit and Chilcot

Posted by Steve Trevethan on Liberal Democrat Voice
Sat 23rd Jul 16 - 11:20

The EU referendum was both democratic and dictatorial. This form of democracy was, is and will be profoundly self-harming of our nation. It destroyed opportunities, such as negotiating for a more democratic and less finance controlled EU, and precipitated unnecessary difficulties, such as having to deal with a massive range of trade negotiations from a position of weakness. It was imposed unilaterally by the then Prime Minister, David Cameron, in an inept and selfish attempt to cohere his party and keep in his job. It has cost us our powerful place in Europe and may cost the United Kingdom the ... (more)

The Blood is the Life for 23-07-2016

Posted on Wells. Saxton. Countess.
Sat 23rd Jul 16 - 11:00

Twitter RT @po8crg: A: Because she's a woman and we live in a culture that teaches us women lie. Twitter RT @Max_Fisher: Very disturbing story from WSJ's @Abihabib on being detained at LAX - gets worse from there Instagram Traditional "the sign says 40: chance would be a fine thing" message Instagram Spike coping with the traffic jam by cuddling Will the Whale AND Jeffrey the Giraffe AND... Twitter RT @indy100: All the bad news the government tried to bury this week All the bad news the government tried to bury before the summer RT @indy100: All the bad news ... (more)

Corbyn's plans for big drugs companies could undermine the NHS

Posted by Peter Black on Peter Black
Sat 23rd Jul 16 - 10:27

Just over two years ago Jeremy Corbyn signed an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons that expressed concern over the proposed takeover of AstraZeneca by Pfizer. It called on the Government to act as necessary to protect employment and skills in the UK, ensure that the development of the new headquarters in Cambridge continues as planned, with the associated infrastructure needs, and ensure that the UK continues to be a world-leader in science and pharmaceuticals research and development. Now he is proposing to withdraw tax relief for research by drug companies, and suggesting that the development of new ... (more)

Brexit: How we could be in the single market with greater control over immigration - the Adam Smith Institute

Posted by Paul Walter on Liberal Democrat Voice
Sat 23rd Jul 16 - 09:10

Embed from Getty Images The words of President Hollande on Thursday reinforced the UK's apparent dilemma: It's the most crucial point... Britain will have to choose: stay in the single market and accept free movement or have another status. I have banged on about this since the referendum. There is a halfway house – that of being in the EEA and EFTA. The Adam Smith Institute have this week released a briefing paper entitled: "The case for the (interim) EEA option". In it, they point out the ability for the UK to "have greater control over migration" while being in ... (more)

Cafe owner 'overwhelmed' by support after child tantrum row

Posted by Cllr. Tony Robertson on Sefton Focus
Sat 23rd Jul 16 - 09:03 The BBC has the story on its web site – see link above Can there anything much more irritating than a screaming child when you are in a cafe or restaurant especially when the parents/guardians do nothing about it! I was quite taken by this article as it reflected many of my irritating experiences of recent years. Why on earth do those responsible not teach their children how to behave? How can they put up with the screeching themselves? I was in an M&S store one day last week and two very young children seemed to be having a ... (more)

After Brexit, breaking down barriers in science is more necessary than ever

Posted by Naveed Syed on Political science | The Guardian
Sat 23rd Jul 16 - 09:00

Uncertainty over Britain's future role in European science makes boundary-challenging initiatives like ESOF and Falling Walls more important than ever. Next week, the European science community will meet at the biannual EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) in Manchester. This will be the first ESOF to be held in the UK, and the first in the context of a post-referendum Britain. With the uncertainty that Brexit has created both in Britain and Europe more generally, and for UK science in particular, there has never been a more important time for the European science community to commit to overcoming barriers. Related: Six leading ... (more)

Ludlow Library opening hours cuts are wrong - it should remain open on Saturday afternoons

Posted by andybodders on Andy Boddington
Sat 23rd Jul 16 - 08:42

Shropshire Council has published the results of its Library opening hours review. The library will close on Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons, but get an extra hour on Monday evenings. I am very disappointed that the cuts to opening hours at Ludlow Library have been largely confirmed. I am quite angry that the library will... Continue reading Ludlow Library opening hours cuts are wrong - it should remain open on Saturday afternoons → (more)

Tay Road Bridge 50th Anniversary - Free Family Fun Day! #trb50

Yesterday, along with a number of other members of the Tay Road Bridge Joint Board and senior council officers, I took part in a meeting updating us on the bridge's 50th Anniversary events next month. The bridge is 50 years old on the 18th August and, by way of way of celebration, the bridge manager, staff and board members are organising a free family day of events and activities on Sunday 21st August. It'll be a fabulous day out for all the family - more details here - don't miss it! (more)