Election campaign day 5: Birtley Action Day

Posted by jonathanwallace on Jonathan Wallace
Mon 24th Apr 17 - 11:30

Two months ago we planned an action day in Birtley for Saturday 22nd April. Arrangements were going well and then the announcement of the general election hit us. We decided to make Birtley the first action day and street stall of the general election campaign. We also had a Focus to deliver. I wrote it just before Easter and thankfully decided to leave printing until after the bank holidays. (more)

We've learnt the hard way not to stand in the middle of the road

Posted by Paul Walter on Liberal Democrat Voice
Mon 24th Apr 17 - 11:10

Embed from Getty Images We know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road. They get run down. Aneurin Bevan quoted in the Observer, 6 December 1953 We have reason to be cautiously optimistic about the forthcoming elections. It will probably take years to clarify why we had such a disastrous result in the 2015 general election, but it seems plausible to say that it was because people did not know what we stood for any more. Despite a laundry list of governmental achievements, we had, to an extent, sold our soul to the devil – ... (more)

Reflections on the centre in France

Posted by Nick on What You Can Get Away With
Mon 24th Apr 17 - 11:04

First, a disclaimer: I'm not an expert on French politics so I may be just blundering cluelessly in here. For a more informed take, try this from Rainbow Murray. It's not usually a good idea to try and explain one country's politics in terms of another, so I'm not going to try and draw any great extrapolations for British politics and our upcoming election from the first round of the French election yesterday. It's tempting to do so, given that on the surface it seems to share some of the same characteristics, but it's wildly different beneath the surface with ... (more)

The Blood is the Life for 24-04-2017

Posted on THAT'S not what you said in the Jeffries' Tube
Mon 24th Apr 17 - 11:00

League Of Gentlemen anniversary special confirmed*happy dance* St George's Day: Six reasons why St George is the perfect symbol of multiculturalism"He was a soldier for a multicultural European super-state" being just one Smart Gay Life: A Surprising Look at LGBT Income DisparityThis is USian, but I suspect it will be reasonably similar in the UK. 'Everything's on fire' - the scramble to organise an election"When asked to sum up how things were going, a fretful Conservative source said: 'Everything is basically on fire.' A Labour campaigner replied with a series of distressed crying and screaming emojis." Books That Literally All ... (more)

Why isn't anyone running this poster....?

Posted by Richard Morris on A VIEW FROM HAM COMMON
Mon 24th Apr 17 - 11:00

...other than me, that is? (more)

What a difference a week makes

Posted by Steve Guy on the sandals are off
Mon 24th Apr 17 - 10:26

I spent a tiring but invigorating day campaigning yesterday. Canvassing for one of our County Council candidates and then later taking part in a non party pro EU event, I was struck by the level of support we are getting – and where it is coming from. Wycombe is of course in the heartland of Conservatism. The metaphors about blue rosettes and various farmyard animals are overused, but apply here. But our arch-brexiter Tory MP and his kipper-lite Chairman have succeeded in dividing their own flock. Steve Baker was a prominent backer of Brexit, Boris and Leadsom. But Wycombe, I ... (more)

I have to admit that the Lib Dems start to this election campaign has been very good. Here's exactly how

Posted by Nick on nicktyrone.com
Mon 24th Apr 17 - 10:19

Some have said – mostly Lib Dems – that I've been a bit harsh on the party Peter Bone likes to describe as the "yellow peril". That in the midst of #libdemfightback and the retaking of local seats, I've refused to be moved in regards to the rebirth of Lib Demery post-2015. The latest example of this being my prediction of the Lib Dems ending up with between 15 and 20 seats after June 8th, in the face of predictions from Lib Dem circles of double digit Tory-majority-ending proportions. I preface with all that to remind you that I haven't ... (more)

Moving towards a progressive alliance

Posted by Layla Moran on Liberal Democrat Voice
Mon 24th Apr 17 - 09:40

Embed from Getty Images General Election campaigning has got off to a flying start across the country and it is exhilarating to be 'back in the saddle'. Oxford West and Abingdon was hard fought at the last election and it looks like it will be again. Like many seats, the Tory incumbent increased her majority here in 2015, yet this still feels like a marginal, and we are campaigning to win. We were knocking on doors yesterday and what struck me was just how different this election feels compared to 2015. The political sands continue to shift beneath our feet ... (more)

Labour lacking clarity on key policy

Posted by Peter Black on Peter Black
Mon 24th Apr 17 - 08:42

All parties have a moment during election campaigns when a key spokesperson goes off message, leaving spin doctors to gloss over the mistake and set things straight. It is not usual though for the party leader to undermine policy in the way that Jeremy Corbyn did yesterday. As the Guardian reports, Labour was forced to issue a statement on Sunday saying: "The decision to renew Trident has been taken and Labour supports that. We also want Britain to do much more to pursue a proactive, multilateral disarmament strategy." This statement came three hours after Corbyn had appeared to cast doubt ... (more)

Dundee Mental Health Awareness Week

Abertay University's Dundee Mental Health Awareness Week starts today. Details are of the events can be downloaded here. (more)