A Finishing Touch for the Sandgate War Memorial

Posted on Tim Prater
Sat 23rd May 15 - 16:14

[IMG: Sandgate War Memorial / Enbrook Park wall - power cupboards] Three decommissioned power cupboard doors in the wall of Enbrook Park on Sandgate High Street near the War Memorial have been refurbished by Saga who own the wall. The doors had previously been falling off and unkempt: after they were reported to Saga by Sandgate Parish Council the doors had emergency repairs to keep them in place, and in the last few days have now been refurbished and painted. Parish Councillor Tim Prater was pleased to see the works. He said: "The doors were originally mentioned to be by ... (more)

Worth Reading 174: Gavaskar's first World Cup innings

Posted by Nick on What You Can Get Away With
Sat 23rd May 15 - 16:03

The Inside Story Of "The Crystal Maze", The Most Epic Game Show Ever Made – Another of BuzzFeed's looks behind the scenes at a classic TV show. Pro-growth, anti-business – Being good for the economy and being good for business are not the same thing, argues Chris Dillow. If David Miliband had won... – An interesting bit of counterfactual history to ponder on. Marketing the Liberal Democrats should mean setting us free – Ewan Hoyle has some good points on how to approach the future of the party without messages being set down from on high. If Michael Gove Listens ... (more)

Watch and laugh: Clarke and Dawe - The State of Politics. (Perhaps you might like to sit down)

Posted by Mark Pack on Mark Pack
Sat 23rd May 15 - 12:55

More comedy genius from Australia's Clarke and Dawe: (more)

LibLink: Ryan Coetzee: The Liberal Democrats must reunite, rebuild or remain in opposition

Posted by Caron Lindsay on Liberal Democrat Voice
Sat 23rd May 15 - 11:55

Ryan Coetzee has written a long article for the Guardian in which he analyses our election defeat and looks to the future. He looked at the three fronts of the electoral battlefield, Scotland, Labour-facing and Tory facing seats. He looked at the Tories' fear tactics throughout the campaign: In Tory-facing seats we got routed by what I call the Fear. We presumed from the beginning that the Conservatives would try to scare voters with the prospect of a Miliband government that would risk the economy. But in the event the polls and the SNP conspired to ratchet up the Fear ... (more)

Why I'm backing Tim Farron to be leader of the Liberal Democrats

Posted by Paul on Liberal Burblings
Sat 23rd May 15 - 11:42

[IMG: tim tm 2] A photo I took of Tim after having a cup of tea with him in Portcullis House, Westminster on March 24th this year We are very fortunate to have someone of Tim Farron's skills available to us as a leader of the Liberal Democrats at this time. We need to rediscover and refocus our liberal values. Tim is a lode star of liberalism. He is a walking, talking embodiment of liberalism. I can trust 100% that in any given situation, if Tim is asked for his view on it, he will give a 100% liberal view ... (more)

Aylesbury Estate

Posted by James Barber on James Barber » James Barber
Sat 23rd May 15 - 11:10

In April the main Planning committee agreed to the demolition of the 2758 homes that form the Aylesbury estate. The vast majority being social rented council homes, all 2,249 of them + 509 leasehold homes. The replacement will be 2,745 new residential units in tower blocks up to 20 storeys high with only 37.5% social rent and 12.5% shared ownership with the remaining 50% private homes. So a huge decrease in social housing. I sat on that planning committee and we heard much contradictory evidence. Assertions such as the estate had high levels of crime, ill health and low employment ... (more)

Opinion: Lib Dem write in campaign gathers support

Posted by Lib Dem Write In on Liberal Democrat Voice
Sat 23rd May 15 - 10:25

Just last year Linda Jack, a reasonably prominent Lib Dem, failed to secure enough nominations to stand for the position of Party President. The fact that a well-known party figure could not muster the required number of names to take part in one of the most important internal elections suggests we are going wrong in the nominations process. Of course, if we allowed write-in candidates for internal party elections, Linda's campaign would have been able to continue. The hours she and others had invested in developing a vision for the future of the party would not have gone to waste. ... (more)

Horse Meat – Remembering the scandal

Posted by Cllr. Tony Robertson on Sefton Focus » Sefton Focus
Sat 23rd May 15 - 10:03

[IMG: No horsing about here r] Click on this to enlarge it. Seen outside the award winning Callaghan's Butchers in Maghull Square back in 2013. The photo is amongst my Flickr shots at:- www.flickr.com/photos/86659476@N07/ (more)

The Blood is The Life 23-05-2015

Posted on Nothing is more important than my egomania
Sat 23rd May 15 - 10:00

Theresa May's plan to censor TV shows condemned by Tory cabinet colleague (tags: ) The UK's Obsession with immigration is founded more on myth than reality (tags: ) Marketing the Liberal Democrats should mean setting us free. (tags: ) Workfare, Forced Labour and the new 'Business and Community Wardens' (tags: ) In which Nick Barlow asks the Question about Liz Kendall (tags: ) Police admit falsely arresting teen rape victim: "this is what happens when you lie." (tags: ) A comic explaining privilege (tags: ) Watch This Neuroscientist Perfectly Tear Down the Biggest Myths About the War on Drugs (tags: ... (more)

OPEN LETTER: Herts County Council Decision on Bus Cuts

Posted by Nick Hollinghurst on Tring Liberal Democrats
Sat 23rd May 15 - 09:54

[IMG: Cllr Stephen Giles-Medhurst LibDem County Cllr for Central Watford and Oxhey] Cllr Stephen Giles-Medhurst LibDem County Cllr for Central Watford and Oxhey From: Cllr Stephen Giles-Medhurst – LD County Cllr for Central Watford and Oxhey Conservative run Herts County Council has decided to cut a further £1.47m from its bus budget. This will mean a dozen bus routes will cease to exist, others will only run up to 7.30pm, and just a few that serve hospitals will run on a Sunday (but again only up to 7.30pm). The Conservatives voted by 42 votes to 30 to push through the ... (more)