The United Kingdom Abolition Party

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Wed 20th Mar 19 - 17:19

When I was an Assistant Scout Leader, I taught the bit about the Union Flag that new scouts had to learn before being invested. Here is an expanded version: A little history At the time of the Romans, there was a province called Britannia, which the settled area extended, for a time, to Central Scotland, [...] (more)

Transplant +189: The International Day of Happiness

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Wed 20th Mar 19 - 16:53

I'm fairly sure that every day is and international day of something or other. I suspect that there are so many that there are diary clashes as well. Anyway, today is the international day of...Continue Reading The post Transplant +189: The International Day of Happiness appeared first on ten pence piece. (more)

A fairer share for all - ending poverty in the UK. Part Three

Posted by Michael Berwick-Gooding on Liberal Democrat Voice
Wed 20th Mar 19 - 16:00

On Friday afternoon at our Federal conference, there was a consultation session on A Fairer Share for All – consultation paper. The consultation period continues until Sunday 31st March. I think members should email their comments rather than answer the questions the working group asks as I don't think the questions cover all the areas that need commenting on. The consultation paper doesn't talk about levels of benefits (which I have done mainly in The working group asks about reforming or scrapping Universal Credit. I think Universal Credit should be scrapped and replaced with a Working Credit for people ... (more)

This weekend's march is about so much more than a vote on the Brexit deal

Posted by Charlie Murphy on Liberal Democrat Voice
Wed 20th Mar 19 - 14:30

[IMG: Brexit March] Brexit March In Parliament, MPs have been debating on (and rejecting) this botched Tory deal. Beyond Parliament, young people have been watching on in horror and disbelief. As a wealthy Brexit elite, red in the face, tell themselves to hold their nerve, it's clear that they've got no regard for our future. Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn? They just aren't listening - they are completely detached from reality. They're causing embarrassment on an international scale, the world over the country we love is a laughing stock. It's shameful, and history will look harshly on the perpetrators of ... (more)

Isabelle Parasram elected as Lib Dems' first Vice President BAME

Posted by Caron Lindsay on Liberal Democrat Voice
Wed 20th Mar 19 - 13:58

Barrister Isabelle Parasram has been elected by the Federal Board as the party's first Vice President BAME. I was delighted by this result because I voted for her and encouraged others to do so as I had been really impressed by her clear vision for the role. She talked a lot of sense about how to change the party's culture. I've seen that her previous work, the report into dealing with complaints of sexual impropriety, has been thorough, clear and fair. In an email to members, Miranda Roberts, Chair of the Federal People Development Committee, welcomed Isabelle's appointment. At our ... (more)

Liberalism and porn

Posted by Jane Chelliah on Liberal Democrat Voice
Wed 20th Mar 19 - 12:15

'Where and how does pornography fit into Liberalism?' is a question that I asked myself when I was being filmed for a Channel 4 documentary. The three-part programme features five mothers, including me, who are introduced to the problem of easily available online porn for children to watch. While the impact on children was my primary concern, the content that I was viewing was disturbing for another reason. Much of it was highly dehumanising and derogatory of women. I found it distressing. Scenes of women being violently grabbed, slapped and shoved raised my feminist hackles. Teenagers were the favoured category ... (more)

Theresa May is stuck in a hole. She has decided to keep digging

Posted by Matthew on thinking liberal
Wed 20th Mar 19 - 12:04

There is something unspeakably depressing about Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, seeking a short delay to Britain's departure date from the European Union, currently 29 March. According to the news reports this morning, this extension should be a short one, of no more than three months. She has decided on this, apparently, because a ... Continue reading Theresa May is stuck in a hole. She has decided to keep digging (more)

My tweets

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Wed 20th Mar 19 - 11:00

Tue, 16:05: RT @jonnymorris1973: New on my blog: my best Doctor Who short story, The Thief of Sherwood. Tue, 17:11: Paddy Ashdown - a frank remembrance Rather brutal stuff, but necessary reading, from Trevor Smith. Tue, 17:57: RT @MichaelPDeacon: Why didn't you tell us the Meaningful Vote was going to be meaningful Tue, 17:57: RT @seanjonesqc: Brexiters imagined this would be the moment when Jonny Foreigner looked across the poker table and into our flint grey eye... Tue, 18:09: RT @JenniferMerode: Significant. Michel Barnier gives his view on a longer extension: it "needs to be linked ... (more)

ALDC advice: filling in and submitting nomination forms

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Wed 20th Mar 19 - 10:30

We advise that you fill in your nomination forms at the earliest opportunity possible. You're able to submit them from March 27 onwards and the deadline for returning them is 4pm on Wednesday 3 April. The following paperwork needs to be completed correctly and submitted on time: Nomination papers Candidate's consent to nomination Candidates address form Deposit (not for locals) Form for the appointment of the agent Delegated Nominating Officer (DNO) paperwork (for use of the party name and logo on the ballot paper) Most Returning Officers will supply forms, but some may expect you to supply your own from ... (more)

The sad breakdown of the Franco-German engine

Posted by Renaud Girard on Radix
Wed 20th Mar 19 - 08:38

The signature of the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle by Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron, on January 22, gave rise to a lot of hope, particularly in France. We could indeed rejoice to see a revival of the Franco-German couple, spurred on to drive the European Union (EU) so that it can finally face the major geopolitical [...] The post The sad breakdown of the Franco-German engine appeared first on Radix. (more)