Lib Dems Believe Wordle 38 Freedom from Conformity

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Sun 26th Apr 15 - 20:35

Lib Dems Believe Wordle 38 Freedom from Conformity (more)

Liberal Democrats Believe... 40 - Lynne Featherstone

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Sun 26th Apr 15 - 20:20

If you vote for a Liberal Democrat, what do you get? You get someone who's going to fight for civil liberties and for freedom, you're going to get someone who's going to fight for fairness, for the NHS, you're going to get someone who cares about the planet, you're going to get the sort of party that you would want to stand up for those who need to be fought for. The Lib Dems have taken lowest-paid out of tax, we've given pensioners a rise - that's probably not your end of the market, but at my end of the ... (more)

Tax cuts for millions: just one of the Lib Dem achievements in the last five years

Posted by Mark Pack on Mark Pack
Sun 26th Apr 15 - 18:55

[IMG: Income tax cuts for over 26 million people] For more, see the full infographic: What have the Liberal Democrats achieved in government? [IMG: Share on Facebook] [IMG: Share on Twitter] Show support for Lib Dems on social media The Liberal Democrats have achieved so much in the last five years. Now help the party achieve even more in the next five years: Sign up to this Thunderclap to share a message on the eve of poll about voting Liberal Democrat Sign up to this Facebook event to show that you're voting Liberal Democrat (more)

An Irish Blessing as delivered by wonderful Maghull Wind Orchestra

Posted by Cllr. Tony Robertson on Sefton Focus » Sefton Focus
Sun 26th Apr 15 - 18:41

Today saw the marvelous Maghull Wind Orchestra perform at the Palm House in Liverpool's Sefton Park, a repeat of their performance there almost exactly a year ago. [IMG: Maghull Wind Orchestra in the wonderful setting of Sefton Park Palm House] Maghull Wind Orchestra in the wonderful setting of Sefton Park Palm House This 74 piece band (of today) which has the ability to have over 100 members playing at any one time is a delight and I say that not just because Jen Robertson is a member. It is a unique community band which takes anyone who can play a ... (more)

Out on the campaign trail with Jo Swinson

Posted by Caron Lindsay on Liberal Democrat Voice
Sun 26th Apr 15 - 18:13

The Spectator's Isabel Hardman went up to East Dunbartonshire to go campaigning with Jo Swinson recently. Her piece is pretty balanced and fair and gives quite an insight into Jo on the campaign trail Now, I know what a whirlwind Jo is and how much work she gets through and how many doors she knocks on. I went across to help many times during the 2005 campaign. She was so disciplined and even if she met her own high targets, she wasn't happy unless she'd done even more. Her campaigning experience comes across in Hardman's profile as does her name ... (more)

2015 General Election Day 28: Who's ahead in Wabznasm North?

Posted by Nick on What You Can Get Away With
Sun 26th Apr 15 - 17:56

Election Sundays are notable for two things – a slight scaling down of the activity carried out on the ground by the parties, coupled with a ratcheting up of the ridiculousness of the rhetoric by the Sunday papers. Today, of course, we had the spectacle of the Mail telling us that an arrangement between Labour and the SNP would be the biggest crisis in British politics since the Abdication in 1936. It's an odd point to use, even if you're looking for purely constitutional crises, as the Abdication was something that was seen as completely unthinkable before it happened but ... (more)

Sefton's £4,500 a year "pay for no work" deal with Labour's Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson comes under attack

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Sun 26th Apr 15 - 17:21

The deal in which Liverpool Labour boss Joe Anderson was paid £4,500 a year by a Sefton school for doing no work came under attack from Lib Dem councillors at Thursday's meeting of Sefton Council. When the school, Chesterfield High School in Crosby, ended the arrangement, Mayor Joe Anderson took the case to an Employment Tribunal. When he lost there he appealed and lost again, with the decision of the Employment Appeal Tribunal being widely reported last week: At the Council meeting in Southport Town Hall, Birkdale Lib Dem councillor Simon Shaw led calls for an Inquiry into ... (more)

Sefton Labour Leader blocksLib Dem bid for Inquiry into Sefton's conduct over Mayor Anderson

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Sun 26th Apr 15 - 17:21

Question submitted by Councillor Shaw to the Leader of the Council (Councillor P Dowd) As the Leader is no doubt aware, judgement was handed down last week by the Employment Appeals Tribunal in the case of Mayor Joe Anderson v Chesterfield High School. Chesterfield High School was, until recently, a school maintained by Sefton Council. In view of the serious public disquiet over this issue, and having regard to Judge Serota's judgement at the EAT that the Claimant (Mayor Joe Anderson) was "party to a misuse of public funds" and that "this arrangement may strike members of the public as ... (more)

Campaigning in Watford for Dorothy Thornhill, cake by Sara Bedford

Posted by Mark Pack on Mark Pack
Sun 26th Apr 15 - 17:02

[IMG: Campaigning in Watford with Robbie Laird] [IMG: Great poster display for Dorothy Thornhill in Watford] [IMG: Dorothy Thornhill's campaign office, Watford] [IMG: Great chocolate cake as reward for campaigning in Watford] (more)

Election deadline coming up: apply for a proxy vote by 5pm Tuesday

Posted by Mark Pack on Mark Pack
Sun 26th Apr 15 - 16:55

[IMG: Deadline warning] 5pm Tuesday 28 April: that's the deadline for new proxy vote applications (though it's now too late to get a postal proxy or a straightforward postal vote). Application forms for the many different varieties of proxy votes are available here. There's still time in the event of a medical emergency for an emergency proxy, by the way. That's 5pm on polling day itself. (more)