Shirley Williams on her mother's wartime nursing service and role of women in World War 1

Posted by Newsmoggie on Liberal Democrat Voice
Sun 20th Apr 14 - 10:50

[IMG: shirley williams by paul walter] Next week, Shirley Williams is to take part in the Stratford Upon Avon Literary Festival talking about her mother Vera Brittain's role as a nurse volunteer in the First World War and on the wider role of women generally before, during and after the war. From the Birmingham Post: Baroness Shirley Williams is incredibly proud of her "wonderful" mother Vera Brittain, whose First World War memoir has been adapted into a new BBC drama with an all-star cast. Testament of Youth charts Vera's personal journey from an Oxford scholarship to the battlefields of France ... (more)

Steps Fosse Gardens to Ridge Green close refurbish

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Sun 20th Apr 14 - 10:45

The steps between Fosse Gardens and Ridge Green Close are to be refurbished around the 12th May and will be closed periodically. (more)

The Blood is The Life 20-04-2014

Welcome investment committed to 'end loneliness' by @calderdale & @calderdaleccg Part of me wonders if the CCG are doing this NOW because they suddenly understand loneliness now they have no friends after threatening to close our A&E... (tags: ) [IMG: comment count unavailable] comments (more)

Labour as a 'one trick pony'

Posted by Peter Black on Peter Black
Sun 20th Apr 14 - 09:57

The Sunday Times reports on warnings by senior Labour party figures if their party continues to base its election strategy on a "cost of living crisis", it risks becoming a "one-trick pony". The paper highlights that the warning comes as polling for The Sunday Times shows that the Tories are closing the gap on the issue, and that Labour now only has a narrow lead on its ability to tackle high prices, boost living standards and provide jobs. The Tories have also extended their advantage over Labour when it comes to questions of economic competence: A senior Labour frontbencher said ... (more)

Paying for high child care costs

Posted by Aled Roberts on Freedom Central
Sun 20th Apr 14 - 09:45

If you are a parent you will know about the high costs of child care. In Wales we have some of the highest child care costs in the world. That is why the Liberal Democrats in the Welsh Assembly have been raising this issue during recent debates. The Family and Childcare Trust's annual childcare survey for 2014 showed that childcare costs in England are falling for the first time in twelve years, whilst in Wales the cost of nursery care for under twos has significantly increased. Only five local councils in Wales report that they have sufficient places for places ... (more)

Costs awarded against volunteer advisors

Posted by John Hemming on John Hemming's Web Log
Sun 20th Apr 14 - 09:39

This story in the Sunday Telegraph is a very important issue. Basically for voluntarily assisting someone to challenge the state some advisors have been hit with a costs bill. It has been done on a sneaky way which allowed them to challenge the award of costs, but only at the risk of paying more costs if they lose. In fact I believe this is against the practise direction in respect of costs (more)

My recommended reading for today April 20, 2014

Posted by Stephen Tall on Stephen Tall
Sun 20th Apr 14 - 09:30

Here's some of the articles that have caught my attention in the past couple of days... Charlie Brooker: Nightclubs are hell | Comment is free | The Guardian Charlie Brooker's contempt for nightclubs is wondrous (He's a year younger than me, depressingly.) On Sarah Wollaston's naming and shaming in The Times of "very aggressive male bloggers" My take on @drwollastonmp's naming&shaming of @GuidoFawkes @IainDale & @DPJHodges as "very aggressive male bloggers" New Statesman | Welcome to Militant England Brilliant, must-read essay by @rafaelbehr on the meaning of Ukip's rise > Welcome to Militant England (more)

Corston View Play Area

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Sun 20th Apr 14 - 09:18

We welcome the council statement that Corston View Play area is to be upgraded, including a new bin asked for by residents "Corston View, Bath; major refurbishment with several new pieces of play equipment chosen to broaden the activity range and age range appeal of the site;" (more)

Labour's "Easter Clegg" - that's grown up politics for you

Posted by The Voice on Liberal Democrat Voice
Sun 20th Apr 14 - 08:57

[IMG: Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 08.14.13] Labour's Easter weekend headline grab isn't about their policies. It doesn't tell you why you should vote for them, why their vision is any good. Oh no. It's a highly personal attack on Nick Clegg in the shape of a chocolate Clegg. All very mature. From the Mirror: But the packaging warns the Clegg Eggs are "guaranteed to leave a bad taste in your mouth - and like the Deputy PM himself - are "completely hollow". The slogan for the campaign on Twitter suggests the eggs, shaped in the image of Nick Clegg wearing ... (more)

Harris Academy Perth Road site - issues addressed

Road at the Harris site As residents will recall, I have recently raised road safety issues outside the Harris Academy site in Perth Road during the new school buildings construction period that the City Council and the contractor has been swift to tackle and resolve. Residents have recently raised some other issues - mud and dirt on the roadway where contractors' vehicles enter and exit the site, the height of speed limit signs and the extent of contractors' staff vehicles parked on West Park Road. The contractor's Site Manager has sent me the following helpful response:... we constantly monitor the ... (more)