Poverty and homelessness figures show how children are being let down

Posted by Caron Lindsay on Liberal Democrat Voice
Wed 24th Jan 18 - 08:55

The End Child Poverty Coalition reveals in a report today that in some parts of the country, more than half our children are living in poverty. What a way to treat the next generation! Lib Dem Education Spokesperson Layla Moran said: This is an appalling indictment of a Tory Party that are failing to protect the most vulnerable in society. The gulf between children born in the richest and poorest families is widening, but Theresa May is more preoccupied with the gulf in her cabinet over Brexit. When we fail our children like this we fail as a society. The ... (more)

Melling – It's rather grand sandstone bus shelters

Posted by Cllr. Tony Robertson on Sefton Focus
Wed 24th Jan 18 - 08:47

I've come across at least 3 rather grand bus shelters in Melling Civil Parish, one on Prescot Road near the junction with Cunscough Lane (now out of use because service buses no longer travel that road anymore), one in Tithebarn Lane (which is very much in use) and another one in Waddicar Lane. All are built of sandstone and I'm guessing that they were erected by Melling Parish Council at some point in the recent past? I'm also guessing that were built after the early 1980's construction of the M58 Motorway as the one on Prescot Road is on the ... (more)

Reports shows scale of the underfunding of Northern transport

Posted by prestwichfocus on Tim Pickstone
Wed 24th Jan 18 - 06:35

A report published today by the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) shows that the North of England receives an 'indefensible' £2,555 less per person in transport funding. Planned transport investment in London is almost 2.6 times higher per capita than in the North. The North West actually fares slightly better than the rest of the North with spending of £2,439 per person, but still far less than London at £4,155 per person. Recent announcements by Government such as cancellation of electrification schemes in the North, downgrading rolling stock on our railway lines will have made the situation worse. Report ... (more)

Now Brexit threatens our health

Posted by Peter Black on Peter Black
Wed 24th Jan 18 - 05:20

Yet another example of how Brexit threatens our way of life has been revealed by the English health secretary. As the Independent reports, Jeremy Hunt has admitted that EU cancer drugs may not be available to British patients after Brexit, describing the risk as "uniquely damaging". Hunt echoed fears already raised by the pharmaceutical industry by acknowledging that the flow of some medicines would be cut off if the withdrawal negotiations break down: Drug giants have told of "significant disruption to the supply chain for medicines" and that customs delays would damage "time and temperature sensitive" materials, without a Brexit ... (more)

What do you really believe? Take the Truth-Demon Test

Posted by Matthew Metcalf on Matthew 'Mec' Metcalf - The Mec Journal
Tue 23rd Jan 18 - 23:44

Most of us have views on politics, current events, religion, society, morality and sport, and we spend a lot of time expressing these views, whether in conversation or on social media. We argue for our positions, and get annoyed if they are challenged. Why do we do this? The obvious answer is that we believe the views we express (ie, we think they are true), and we want to get others to believe them too, because they are true. We want the truth to prevail. That's how it seems. But do we really believe everything we say? Are you always ... (more)

Online voting didn't boost turnout in NHS elections

Posted by Mark Pack on Mark Pack
Tue 23rd Jan 18 - 23:37

The turnout effect of e-voting - perhaps the key measure of interest to political reformers - appears to be marginal. (more)

Vince on Sky Ruling: This should be the end of the matter

Posted by The Voice on Liberal Democrat Voice
Tue 23rd Jan 18 - 21:52

Not going to lie, it was good to see that the Competition and Markets Authority provisionally blocked the Murdoch bid to take over those bits of Sky they don't already own. The decision was made on the grounds that it would give the Murdoch family too much influence across UK media. This isn't over yet. A final report will be submitted to the Government by May. Vince Cable, who has a bit of form on Murdoch, it has to be said. was adamant that this should be final The CMA has reached the correct decision on the Murdochs' attempt to ... (more)

Fresh light on the siege of Weston-under-Redcastle

Posted by Jonathan Calder on Liberal England
Tue 23rd Jan 18 - 21:20

Many thanks to a reader for sending me the image below and alerting me to this video. I blogged about the siege of Weston of Weston-under-Redcastle a few years ago and attracted some interesting comments from people with family connections to the events of 1968 in the Shropshire village. The newsreel commentary here makes it sound more serious than the article I quoted in that first post as it tells us the gunman had his wife and four children with him for the 17 days of the siege. We used to think that not rushing into such situations with guns ... (more)

Heinz soups: a Proustian recollection

Posted by Frank Little on ffranc sais
Tue 23rd Jan 18 - 21:00

It seems that Heinz is having a clear-out of its canned soup range. Every supermarket which stocks the brand, and even my local mini-mart, Arbourne's, have multi-buy offers. Although I prefer these days to (in the words of Cassandra) construct my own soups, I could not resist the other day laying in a stock of cans as larder stand-bys. I also have a special reason for wanting to sample the vegetable soup again because, in a sort of reverse-madeleine moment, the very sight of that distinctive label brings back the memory of a taste from sixty years ago. Is it ... (more)

Work and Pensions Secretary agrees with Lib Dem pension proposal

Posted by The Voice on Liberal Democrat Voice
Tue 23rd Jan 18 - 20:52

This week, the government agreed to bring forward plans to review the current rules concerning the priority of pensioners when a company fails following pressure from the Liberal Democrats. Responding to calls from Stephen Lloyd, our Spokesperson for the Department for Work & Pensions, new DWP Secretary of State Esther McVey agreed that a review into the current rules – past and current – after companies go bust is "something that needs to be brought forward". Stephen said: Under current rules, pension obligations are unsecured - meaning that insolvent companies only fund their pension schemes once they have compensated their ... (more)