Disappearance of bobbies on the beat means intelligence is drying up - Davey

Posted by LD Neath on Aberavon & Neath Liberal Democrats
Sat 23rd Sep 17 - 09:44

Responding to comments by senior police officers that the police is under unsustainable strain because of terror attacks, Ed Davey, Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary, said: "The first duty of Government is to keep its people safe - this means giving the police the resources they need to do their jobs. "When Britain's most senior police officers are sounding the alarm about police funding, Ministers must recognise they should be acting urgently. "The police desperately need more funding as a whole, the disappearance of bobbies on the beat means intelligence is drying up which is vital to preventing terror attacks ... (more)

Vince Cable responds to May's Florence speech

Posted by LD Neath on Aberavon & Neath Liberal Democrats
Sat 23rd Sep 17 - 09:43

Responding to Theresa May's Brexit speech in Florence yesterday, Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable said: "Both the Conservatives and Labour have now essentially converged on the same position, which is to kick the can down the road and simply delay the economic pain caused by an extreme Brexit. "Neither are prepared to fight to keep Britain in the single market and customs union or to offer people a chance to exit from Brexit "Voters were promised £350m a week for the NHS, instead Theresa May is admitting the UK will have to pay a hefty Brexit bill worth billions of ... (more)

The EU has been an integral part of my life Mrs May

Posted by Stephen Glenn on Stephen's Liberal Journal
Sat 23rd Sep 17 - 09:26

Yesterday in her Florence speech Theresa May said: "The UK never felt a part of the European Union.The European Union, never felt to us an integral part of our story" I beg to differ. I sitting writing this in the house that my parents moved into in 1979 on the day of the first UK elections to the European Parliament. So even from then I new about Europe and that it was a part of our lives. I went to University in Kingston at the end of the 80s and took as one of my options in both 2nd and ... (more)

In response to Janice Turner: An unpublished letter to The Times

Posted by Zoe O'Connell on Complicity
Sat 23rd Sep 17 - 09:00

Last Saturday, The Times published an opinion piece by Janice Turner in which she tells a version of events that took place at Speakers' Corner last week during a protest by trans activists. By the time of publication, Janice's narrative of an elderly woman being beaten up had already been proven false by video circulating on YouTube. This is my letter to the editor in response to that piece, sent on Saturday afternoon – The Times have chosen not to publish it. Dear Editor, I am writing in response to Janice Turner's article "The battle over gender has turned bloody". ... (more)

Essential campaigning tools: Backblaze online backup service

Posted by Mark Pack on Mark Pack
Sat 23rd Sep 17 - 08:55

I ran a series in Liberal Democrat Newswire highlighting essential online tools for campaigners. Given their continuing relevance, here's an updated version of what I had to say about Backblaze in LDN #77: When I first heard about it, I thought the Backblaze online backup service was just too good to be true. An online backup service which quietly backs up all of your computer all the time, to whatever volume of data and a mere $5 a month? But that indeed is just what it is. The Backblaze software is a snip to install and runs unobtrusively in the ... (more)

TfL's Uber decision is no victory for liberalism

Posted by Andy Briggs on Liberal Democrat Voice
Sat 23rd Sep 17 - 08:55

The decision taken by Transport for London to revoke Uber's licence undermines a key theme of Vince Cable's speech from just a few days ago, a belief in competitive markets. Whilst the company has only operated in the capital for a relatively short time, the benefits it has bought to London's transport market for both Londoners and tourists alike have been numerous. Uber not only provides a cheaper, more accessible transport solution to its customers, but it has also forced its competitors to innovate, an example being black cabs now accepting card payments, freeing their users from having to carry ... (more)

Self-determination is overrated [Repost]

Posted by Mark Mills on Matter Of Facts
Sat 23rd Sep 17 - 08:39

In March 2014, against the backdrop of impending referendums in Crimea and Scotland, about why claims of a right to secede grounded in self-determination are problematic. Given the current crisis in Catalonia, I felt the argument was worth revisiting: In a few days the Crimea will go to the polls in a referendum on whether [...] (more)

Dundee Jobsfair 2017

Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce, Skills Development Scotland and partners are organising this year's Dundee Jobsfair : (more)

Maghull – So who were/are the people who have made a difference to the community and won the Town's Civic Award?

Posted by Cllr. Tony Robertson on Sefton Focus
Sat 23rd Sep 17 - 08:26

Two honours boards in the Council Chamber of Maghull Town Hall tell part of the story about who has won the Town's Civic Award since its inception in 1981. But for how many of those winners do I know the reason why they won the award (as the boards do not give such detail)? Here's a couple of photos of the boards – Click on each board to see it enlarged:- Well here goes with my recollections:- Neil Burslem – Anthony J Brooks – Joseph Fay – For his long membership/service to Maghull Town Band Mark Thompson – Arthur Dwyer ... (more)

Off To Thought Bubble...

Posted by Andrew Hickey on Sci-Ence! Justice Leak!
Sat 23rd Sep 17 - 07:17

I'll be with some of the other Mindless Ones at Table 79 in the Cookridge St Marquee at Thought Bubble this year. Unfortunately, this year I didn't think I'd be able to go until a few weeks ago, so had ... Continue reading → (more)