World Cup, Day Six

Posted on From the Heart of Europe
Mon 18th Jun 18 - 12:09

View Poll: World Cup, Day Six You should be able to vote using your Facebook or Twitter account, even if you aren't on Livejournal. Congrats to dave_gallaher for predicting both Mexico and Serbia to win yesterday. Nobody foresaw Brazil failing to beat Switzerland. (more)

My tweets

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Mon 18th Jun 18 - 11:00

Sun, 12:19: RT @KeohaneDan: Small gestures can have very big meanings...this is most welcome from Arlene Foster. Sun, 12:51: Important news: The Nugo Friterie on the Chaussée de Ninove serves Georgian food at the weekends, and the proprieto... Sun, 12:56: Tony Connelly: Brexit backstop deal more remote A grim situation. Sun, 13:07: World Cup, Day Five Sun, 15:40: P.I.G.S., by Cecilia Valagussa Sun, 16:05: The national dish of every country at the World Cup, ranked from worst to best I disagree w... Sun, 20:48: Tipping point. Why Scotland's ultimate independence now looks inevitable ... (more)

Appeal for information on serious fly-tipping incidents in Ludlow

Posted by andybodders on Andy Boddington
Mon 18th Jun 18 - 10:51

At the end of last week, domestic furniture and junk appeared outside a house in Lower Galdeford. Around the sound time, household goods were dumped on the Eco Park. There is good reason to believe that these two incidents are linked. I have asked Shropshire Council to investigate with a view to prosecution. I would be grateful if any with knowledge of these incidents could share it with me or the council in confidence. Fly-tipping on the Eco Park is commonplace but no less appalling for that. It is rare for so many household items to be dumped on a ... (more)

Sick of your Brexit lies Theresa May

Posted by Maelo Manning on Liberal Girl aged 18
Mon 18th Jun 18 - 10:24

May's reference to a Brexit 'dividend' which would fund a £20 billion rise in funding for the NHS is unfounded and it is indicative of an increasing Tory lurch towards populist sentiment. In a time where rash claims and 'authentic' political language are grabbing the attention of the masses, the Tories are attempting to benefit from the increasing informality of politics. However, they are not an opposition party trying to garner votes but our governing party who are dealing with the enactment of the most important referendum in British history. After one of the most chaotic weeks in Brexit dealings ... (more)

Maghull – Its excellent Wind Orchestra played Liverpool's Philharmonic Hall yesterday

Posted by Cllr. Tony Robertson on Sefton Focus
Mon 18th Jun 18 - 10:12

What an excellent concert yesterday at the Phil' and to a large audience too. Congratulations to the organisers and indeed to the whole orchestra, they do the Town proud 40 years on since they were first formed. They were originally known as Maghull RBL [Royal British Legion] Town Band and were formed in 1978. Now with well over 100 active members they play concerts all over Merseyside and beyond. And they still stick to their fundamental values of being a community orchestra with no fees, no audition and any ability. Oh and they sound great too. (more)

More of Sefton taxpayers' money is being poured down the black hole of the Bootle Strand

Posted on birkdale focus
Mon 18th Jun 18 - 10:07

I am grateful to the many people who have contacted me about the council ballooning spending on Bootle Strand, in particular Tony Robertson (and via him Roy Connell) and Graham Winkles all of whom have brought to my attention new pieces of information Look around are there not more important things for Sefton to spend your Council Tax money on? Social Care, pot holes and road maintenance, our parks and libraries (if they haven't already been shut) all need investment but we are constantly told there is no money and yet it seems there is always money for this pet ... (more)

Bicycle, Bicycle...

Posted on Tim Prater | Sandgate Parish Councillor
Mon 18th Jun 18 - 09:57

[IMG: Folkestone Harbour Cycle Company Townie Bicycle (Folkestone Harbour Cycle Company Townie Bicycle)] Having written about the launch of the new click2cycle service covering Folkestone, Sandgate and Hythe last week, I've been prompted to mention that Folkestone Harbour Bicycle Hire has been operating from their base near the Folkestone Harbour Arm since 2017. They rent adult bikes from 2 hours up to full days, and also offer a range of child trailers and "tag a long" child trailer bikes. You can learn more about the Folkestone Harbour Bicycle Hire and their prices on their website. Published and promoted by Tim ... (more)

If Northern can't run trains then West Coast can!

Posted by Cllr. Tony Robertson on Sefton Focus
Mon 18th Jun 18 - 09:50 The video is on You Tube – see link above So as the Northern Trains franchise fails in a shambolic way just look what is happening on the Lakes Line (Oxenholme to Windermere) where locals have taken things into their own hands and embarrassed the railway industry and Department for Transport wholesale. Reminds me a bit of the Ealing Comedy Titfield Thunderbolt film (more)

Time to legalise cannabis for medical use

Posted by Peter Black on Peter Black
Mon 18th Jun 18 - 09:23

The decision by the Home Secretary to back down over the refusal to release medicinal cannabis oil that it had confiscated from the family of a severely epileptic boy is extraordinary because for the first time it reverses decades of obstinacy by the UK Government over the issue of legalising the use of cannabis for medical conditions. Sajid Javid said he had used an exceptional power as home secretary to issue a licence for Billy Caldwell to be treated with the oil as a matter of urgency after Billy's cannabis oil was confiscated at Heathrow on Monday. It contains a ... (more)

Front Street closure brought forward to June 18th

Posted by Owen Temple on Owen Temple & Margaret Nealis
Mon 18th Jun 18 - 08:56

The resurfacing work on Front Street will now occur from tonight for four nights. The works are now planned to be undertaken over 4 nights between 7pm and 7am (more)