Christine Jardine: What happened to our humanity, our open arms and our desire to give children the best start in life?

Posted by The Voice on Liberal Democrat Voice
Sat 24th Feb 18 - 08:56

Christine Jardine spoke movingly in a parliamentary debate this week about the plight of refugee children separated from their families. She called on the UK Government to make it easier for refugee children to find their families and to reunite these families. Here's her speech in full. Imagine having to say goodbye to your child, or finding yourself suddenly separated from them without knowing what will happen to them, whether anyone will look after them or whether they will find the rest of your family, if you still have one. That is the situation facing parents among the 22 million ... (more)

Getting things done - Richmond Terrace #dundeewestend

Residents have complained to me about the state of the roadway in Richmond Terrace, including potholes. I contacted the council's Roads Maintenance Partnership about this and have now been advised as follows : "The Road Maintenance Partnership inspector has carried out an inspection of this area and has raised orders for pothole repairs to be done with a timescale for repair of approximately one month or sooner." (more)

Something political campaigners should learn from GCHQ

Posted by Mark Pack on Mark Pack
Sat 24th Feb 18 - 08:25

GCHQ's advice on password security is rather good, and it's especially helpful to have a source such as GCHQ point out a common password myth. (more)

Labour and Brexit – I despair I really do

Posted by Cllr. Tony Robertson on Sefton Focus
Sat 24th Feb 18 - 08:19

Below is a cutting from Friday's 'I' newspaper and the big question is, what on earth is Emily Thornberry on about? We don't have to leave the Customs Union at all and frankly it seems utter nonsense to do so. On that basis why is Labour's policy seemingly (and I say seemingly as nothing is clear with Labour – or the Tories for that matter – when it comes to Brexit) to leave it and then try to re-negotiate something pretty much the same! Why oh why can't Labour do their job as the Official Opposition and try opposing the ... (more)

Plans submitted for 12 glamping pods at Elm Lodge, Fishmore Road

Posted by andybodders on Andy Boddington
Sat 24th Feb 18 - 07:19

Stephen Weaver has submitted a planning application for a dozen wooden glamping pods on his golf course at Elm Lodge on Fishmore Road (18/00815/FUL). The site lies just outside the bypass. The nine-hole golf course is currently closed for maintenance, according to the website. The pods will be supplied by Future Rooms. They will be clad in cedar wood and Metrotiles. The doors and windows will be UVPC, colour to be determined. No layout plan for the site has been published. (more)

The first chamber of commerce

Posted by Frank Little on ffranc sais
Sat 24th Feb 18 - 00:30

- in the English-speaking world had its inaugural meeting 250 years ago today. (more)

Six of the Best 770

Posted by Jonathan Calder on Liberal England
Fri 23rd Feb 18 - 22:22

Otto English takes a look at the record of the 62 Conservative MPs who signed the European Research Group letter to Theresa May. "The frenzied desire to 'give the Jews a good kicking' led the room to reject local MP Tulip Siddiq's alternative offer of a report on her parliamentary activities instead. Apparently, as we seek a full-on return to the Dark Ages, the ritual 'humiliation of the Jews' must come before any competing business." Philip Rosenberg on the institutional racism in his local Labour Party. "The idea that black people only inhabit urban areas, and that the English countryside ... (more)

A Leicester ghost sign

Posted by Jonathan Calder on Liberal England
Fri 23rd Feb 18 - 21:46

Clarendon Park, actually. (more)

Autism, Empathy, Solidarity and Intersectionality

Posted by Andrew Hickey on Sci-Ence! Justice Leak!
Fri 23rd Feb 18 - 20:32

First, I want to apologise for the lack of posts this month. I've been very unwell since Christmas, battling fatigue and inflammation constantly (it's hard to understand how literal the "flam" in "inflammation" is until you start suffering from a ... Continue reading → (more)

Former Freemason, 51, found drunk and naked inside a huge pipe organ with a toy gun and remote-controlled police car says he got lost while trying to hand out cheeseburgers to the homeless

Posted by Jonathan Calder on Liberal England
Fri 23rd Feb 18 - 19:21

By general acclamation among my Twitter followers, the Daily Mail wins this blog's prestigious Headline of the Day Award. Strictly speaking, the decision was up to the judges. But, hearing the mob baying at the gates, they soon caved in. (more)