1 in 5 don't know who the leader of the Conservatives is

Posted by Mark Pack on Mark Pack
Sat 27th May 17 - 17:25

Another piece of evidence for the Olympic women's hockey theory of politics, aka the public pays far less attention to politics than most political activists realise: Almost 20 per cent of people in Britain do not know that Theresa May is the leader of the Conservative Party. [The Indepdendent] Get polling news and analysis by email Sign up here if you would like to receive the Polling UnPacked occasional email newsletter, highlighting the best in analysis and news about British political opinion polling from a carefully curated range of high-quality sites (no more than one email a day and usually ... (more)

Election campaign day 38: the hustings meeting and UKIP gay haters

Posted by jonathanwallace on Jonathan Wallace
Sat 27th May 17 - 15:34

On Thursday evening, the one and only hustings meeting of the campaign in Blaydon took place at Strathmore Road Methodist Church in Rowlands Gill. It was my first chance to meet the Conservative candidate Tom Smith, kindly paying us a visit from London! He seemed a pleasant enough person. Sadly, the Space Navies Party candidate was not present, presumably on some interplanetary trek going (more)

The landlord's daughter's story, revisited

Posted on From the Heart of Europe
Sat 27th May 17 - 15:13

I posted last week about my efforts to discover whether or not the house where I lived in Germany in the summer of 1986 was, as my landlord's daughter claimed, situated astride the old frontier between the Grand Duchy of Baden and the Kingdom of Württemberg. A bit more research using the desktop rather than relying on the iPad apps has definitively resolved the issue. First of all, I was delighted to find the 1902 Meßtischblatt for Schwaigern, which clearly shows the boundaries of the Schluchtern enclave. Secondly, I don't generally use OpenStreetMap but in this case I found the ... (more)

Lib Dem 2017 manifesto redux

Posted by Mark Pack on Mark Pack
Sat 27th May 17 - 14:55

Practical, fully-costed, optimistic: here's the right path for our country's future. (more)

LibLink: Paddy Ashdown: Tories' Royal Marine cut plays fast and loose with UK defence

Posted by NewsHound on Liberal Democrat Voice
Sat 27th May 17 - 12:55

It makes sense that Paddy should write for the Plymouth Herald on defence given the city's strategic importance. He took the Government to task for cutting the Marines – about which he knows more than most people: For more than three centuries - from Gibraltar and Trafalgar to Normandy and Afghanistan - the Royal Marines have epitomised those qualities. They have fought in more theatres and won more battles than any other British unit. In our nation's hours of danger, they have been, as Lord St Vincent predicted in 1802, "the country's sheet anchor". So the news that the Government ... (more)

The Blood is the Life for 27-05-2017

Posted on Klaatu... Verata... Necktie?
Sat 27th May 17 - 11:00

miss_s_b | The Blood is the Life for 26-05-2017 I posted The Blood is the Life for 26-05-2017 to my dreamwidth blog Kids With Their Superhero Shadows | The Mary Sue This is beautiful DC Super Hero Girls Gets a New Series From Cartoon Network They'd better show it in the UK! Supergirl - Extended "Wonder Woman" Promo - YouTube In which the cast of my current fave TV show do a little promo for the new Wonder Woman movie and it's ACE. gallifrey_times | GT for Friday the 26th of May 2017 I posted GT for Friday the 26th ... (more)

No bright new dawn

Posted by Linda Jack on Liberal Democrat Voice
Sat 27th May 17 - 10:55

Like all of us I have spent the last few days deeply impacted by the events in Manchester. As a mother who has, like so many of us, lain awake waiting for the turn of the key in the lock to know, however old your kids are, they are home, I grieve for every young life that has been taken from us. Their loss is not just to their families, or communities, but to us all. John Donne puts it so beautifully 'ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee'. Youth should be a time of such ... (more)

Here's my 2017 general election prediction

Posted by Nick on nicktyrone.com
Sat 27th May 17 - 09:13

For context, I'm making this prediction whilst Labour have closed the gap on the Tories to only 5 points, with the Conservatives on 43 and Labour on 38. This is a massive closing in on May compared to where we started the campaign, with the Tories on around 50% and Labour on about 25. It is for this reason I'm making my prediction now. I recall seeing in the run up to the 2015 general election, Phillip Collins saying that he knew Ed Miliband wasn't going to be prime minister because it was just obvious that he wasn't; all you ... (more)

Music meme 1 - a song I like with a colour in the title

Posted on David Matthewman
Sat 27th May 17 - 09:10

Meme grabbed from [IMG: [personal profile] ] sfred and [IMG: [personal profile] ] ghoti ( Meme list ) 1: A song you like with a colour in the title: This one took me a while to think of. I toyed with saying 'anything off Chris T-T's 9 Green Songs album', but none of the songs on the album have a colour in the title themselves, so this was clearly cheating. In the end, I went for Fade to Grey, by Visage. Yes, grey's a colour. This is just distilled essence of early Eighties, right down to the lyrics being jointly ... (more)

Social media twice as important as local media for election news

Posted by Mark Pack on Mark Pack
Sat 27th May 17 - 08:55

The following piece I penned for our weekly Digital Inspirational email at Teneo Blue Rubicon. Do sign up if you'd like such stories in your inbox every week. Social media is the second most important source of election news for voters, and twice as important as local news outlets, according to new polling from Survation. Asked where they receive most of their information about political parties during the election, 14% of voters picked social media, ahead of 7% for local media and second only - albeit by a large margin - to national media at 61%. As you might expect, ... (more)