New issue of Liberator free online

Posted by Liberator Collective on Liberal Democrat Voice
Mon 1st Jun 20 - 14:08

Liberator 401 is on its way to subscribers and is available as a free download from our website. We'd – fortuitously – decided before the pandemic to go free online only from September but because many potential readers are stuck at home we're putting our last few print issues up online too as they come out. The website also has a free archive of copies back to 2001. Liberator 401 includes: The People They Forgot – It was too little, too late when the Government tried to protect care homes from Covid-19, leading to a scandal of needless deaths, say ... (more)

The new issue of Liberator has landed

Posted by Jonathan Calder on Liberal England
Mon 1st Jun 20 - 13:41

The new issue of Liberator has arrived. Now there is just one more printed issue to go. Already you can download this issue free of charge from the magazine's website. This was a decision we took back in the winter, but it would have been forced on us by Covid-19 and the consequent cancellation of two Liberal Democrat conferences. In the Radical Bulletin section this time you can: find analysis of the Thornhill report on the Lib Dem performance in last year's general election ("Every leader ends up in a 'bunker' listening only to a trusted coterie of advisers - ... (more)

Path across yosc closed

Posted by Chris on Focus on Sodbury, Yate and Dodington
Mon 1st Jun 20 - 12:37

Wessex are laying the new main sewer/drainage for the Ladden Garden Development across the YOSC sports pitches and Brimsham Green School pitches in the next few weeks. So the public footpath will be closed. Work is due to start on Mon 1 June. Here is the diversion. (more)

The Cummings Affair - we'll know in just over a week whether it mattered

Posted by David Waltham on Liberal Democrat Voice
Mon 1st Jun 20 - 12:30

Dominic Cummings famously declared that he didn't care about appearances — he'd stuck to the letter of the law and that's all that matters. It sounds like an unsympathetic insurance company wriggling out of a claim but I'm prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt because the real issue, for me, is that appearance do matter. And we'll be able to tell in about a week's time whether I'm right. When "government scientist", Neil Ferguson, and Scotland's chief medical officer, Catherine Calderwood were exposed for flouting lockdown regulations they immediately understood the implications. They're scientists and it was ... (more)

A parent's view of the first day back at school in the age of CoVid

Posted by Nick on
Mon 1st Jun 20 - 11:26

My son is in Year One and so he could return to school today. We decided on balance that we would let him go back. During the walk to school he was neither nervous nor excited about returning; just strangely indifferent. His questions while we walked were the usual bag of six-year-old tricks: he wondered what the day of the year was when we all stayed up really late and fireworks went off by the London Eye (New Year's Eve, in case that wasn't apparent) and then asked me why we celebrate the end of December in that way but ... (more)

My tweets

Posted on From the Heart of Europe
Mon 1st Jun 20 - 11:00

Sun, 12:56: RT @campbellclaret: On this letter to your constituent's complaint about @borisjohnson and Cummings, @matthancock , you really will have to... Sun, 13:13: First time I have been shopping in a French-speaking supermarket since this all started. Weird to realise how much... Sun, 14:48: RT @nvonwestenholz: Dominic Lawson's again waded in on the issue of trade policy, food and standards of production. Difficult to discern th... Sun, 15:17: May books Sun, 15:32: I renewed my subscription (online). Sun, 16:05: Connell losing touch with club championship is real tragedy of Normal People Hilarious take! Sun, 21:22: ... (more)

How to make a just society - Justice Capitalism then UBI

Posted by Nick Shcherban on Liberal Democrat Voice
Mon 1st Jun 20 - 10:36

UBI (Universal or Unconditional Basic Income) is a brilliant idea. A majority of people support it. Let's implement it worldwide. But to pay for it, we first must enact Justice Capitalism, that is, Capitalism that is fair, equal, and balanced for everyone. But how will UBI be funded? The Tax system is broken and cannot be fixed to pay for UBI. Governments have been trying to fix the tax code forever, but it just gets more complicated with more and more loopholes. Corporations, criminals, corrupt politicians, and the 1%, hide money in Tax Havens or they game the tax rules ... (more)

6 tips on how to get involved in the Liberal Democrats

Posted by Mark Pack on Mark Pack
Mon 1st Jun 20 - 09:55

I'm regularly finding myself spending time on a form of political matchmaking, trying to help would-be new Liberal Democrat activists find the best way to get involved in the party. I've written before about how existing activists can best get newer people involved, but this process has also made me increasingly aware that there's a set of tips about how to get involved that pretty much no-one ever tells would-be new activists. So this post is an attempt to put that right. Do let me have your feedback on it; I hope this post will continue to evolve and improve ... (more)

Letter of the week #Domnishambles

Posted by Peter Black on Peter Black
Mon 1st Jun 20 - 09:26

From today's Guardian (more)

Observations of an Expat: Trump vs Twitter

Posted by Tom Arms on Liberal Democrat Voice
Mon 1st Jun 20 - 08:47

President Trump has a point when he attacks Twitter for flagging his posts. But it reeks of hypocrisy. The social media platforms have to date enjoyed pretty much a license to print money existence with very little in the way of a corresponding social responsibility. Under a 1996 American law website operators — unlike traditional publishers — cannot generally be held responsible for content by their users. They are effectively a digital wall upon which the public paste fly posts. The social media sites argue that they have no more control of those posts than does the owner of a ... (more)