Lib Dems respond to the budget: We would kickstart the economy back to growth and exit from Brexit

Posted by Caron Lindsay on Liberal Democrat Voice
Wed 22nd Nov 17 - 20:30

So, we've seen the extent of Phil's spreadsheet and it didn't make pretty reading. An economy on the slide, a disastrous Brexit on the horizon, growth forecasts crumbling – and that's before we even get to the awful bit. Hammond's response to all of this seemed so, well, inadequate. It's like your town is flooding before your eyes and someone goes to Boots and buys a bath sponge to mop up the damage. If this country is going to survive the oncoming storm it needed massive investment – a social housebuilding programme to rival that in the post war years, ... (more)

Stapleford Miniature Railway Open Weekend - August 2017

Posted by tim on ten pence piece
Wed 22nd Nov 17 - 20:25

I've been meaning to post a few photographs from this event for some time as a follow-up to the 1974 cine film I wrote about earlier this year. The railway is currently open to the public on a couple of occasions each year in June and August, with profits going to the Leicestershire and Rutland Hospice (LOROS). It's maintained in ... The post Stapleford Miniature Railway Open Weekend – August 2017 appeared first on ten pence piece. (more)

Vince Cable has written to me about the budget

Posted by Cllr. Tony Robertson on Sefton Focus
Wed 22nd Nov 17 - 18:41

Dear Anthony [not been called that in a while], Today's Budget saw the UK slip from the top of the growth league to deep into the relegation zone. Each person in Britain is set to be £687 worse off per year compared to forecasts before the election. And as living standards are squeezed, the Government is setting aside £3.7bn to cover the cost of a 'no deal' Brexit. The Chancellor found more money in the Budget to plan for Brexit than he did for our struggling NHS, schools and police. And the Labour Party are little better and their support ... (more)

Labour wants the Tory Government to impose planning policy in Liverpool

Posted by richardkemp on But what does Richard Kemp think?
Wed 22nd Nov 17 - 18:32

It's because Labour are rabidly following Tory housing policy in Liverpool that we are stuck with sites like this that have seen no building work for 12 months I have today written to the Head of the Paid Service of ... Continue reading → (more)

Crosby – Wrecks off the Sefton Coast – Talk at Crosby Library

Posted by Cllr. Tony Robertson on Sefton Focus
Wed 22nd Nov 17 - 18:09

Sheila and I went along to what turned out to be a packed out talk at Crosby Library this afternoon all about shipping wrecks along the coast of Sefton. The talk was given by Martyn Griffiths who has a web site about such matters which I have linked below: The fact that there have been around 300 wrecks in the past 300 years is quite a surprising stat for those of us who are not well antiquated with the treacherous nature of the sand banks out in the Mersey estuary. Martyn told us about just a handful of the ... (more)

Isaiah Berlin, by Michael Ignatieff

Posted on From the Heart of Europe
Wed 22nd Nov 17 - 18:03

Second paragraph of third chapter: By May 1915 the Baltic was under German naval blockade and the timber trade was at a standstill. Mendel [Isaiah Berlin's father] had managed to re-orient the business away from export to supplying the Russian railroads, but still a large portion of his timber was sitting in local yards. When a fire wiped out his stock, Mendel accused the German owner of the yard of setting it deliberately; the German retaliated by denouncing Berlin to the police, for setting it to claim the insurance. By then imperial Russia was in full retreat along the eastern ... (more)

Gladstone features in the Budget Tweet of the Day

Posted by Jonathan Calder on Liberal England
Wed 22nd Nov 17 - 17:20

"So your key young-voter-friendly measure will actually push house prices up?"— Robert Hutton (@RobDotHutton) November 22, 2017Not the Grand Old Man, you will have noticed, but the Treasury's resident cat. (more)

'Profiles in Courage' - a tribute to JFK on the 54th anniversary of the assassination

Posted by ambitiousmamas on FeministMama @ambitiousmamas
Wed 22nd Nov 17 - 16:55

[IMG: 'Profiles in Courage' - a tribute to JFK on the 54th anniversary of the assassination] 'Profiles in Courage' is a book well worth reading especially in the current context of spineless and weak politicians all around the world The post 'Profiles in Courage' – a tribute to JFK on the 54th anniversary of the assassination appeared first on FeministMama @ambitiousmamas. (more)

Budget special - £50billion lost means residents will be £687 a year worse off

Posted by allanknox on Allan Knox
Wed 22nd Nov 17 - 16:35

New studies show that the UK economy has stalled under the Conservatives. This Conservative crash will wipe £49bn off the UK economy by 2021. That's £687 for every person in the UK. Or enough to recruit 69,000 new police officers or 66,000 teachers, reports Cllr Allan Knox. The Conservatives are also putting £3bn aside for 'problems' with Brexit, but only £2.8bn for the NHS. Despite a combined £52billion black hole the Conservative Government have still found money for extra new tax cuts for the richest. The Liberal Democrats, "These are the wrong priorities. Tax cuts for the very richest are ... (more)

'A Commencement Villanelle' - mums never stop worrying

Posted by ambitiousmamas on FeministMama @ambitiousmamas
Wed 22nd Nov 17 - 16:34

[IMG: 'A Commencement Villanelle' - mums never stop worrying] This poem expresses the timeless and never-ending worries that mothers have over their children's wellbeing. This poem pivots around a graduation ceremony. It shows that milestone events and birthdays may come and go which signify a... The post 'A Commencement Villanelle' – mums never stop worrying appeared first on FeministMama @ambitiousmamas. (more)