Write a guest post for Liberal England

Posted by Jonathan Calder on Liberal England
Tue 7th Apr 20 - 08:20

Under lockdown and at a loose end? This is a reminder that I welcome guest posts on Liberal England. As you can see from this list of the 10 most recent guests posts, I am happy to consider a wide range of subjects beyond the Lib Dems If you would like to write a guest post yourself, please drop me an email so we can discuss your idea. Forgotten Victorian folklore collectors: An undiscovered treasure trove - Francis YoungJoseph Merrick in the cigar factory - Joanne Vigor-MungovinWhy we need a GCSE in Natural History - Mary ColwellThree unlikely heroes from ... (more)

Shropshire Council's new guide on wellbeing & mental health for adults, teenagers & children during the #coronavirus emergency

Posted by andybodders on Andy Boddington
Tue 7th Apr 20 - 08:15

As the coronavirus spreads, more and more people are becoming anxious about what it might mean for themselves and their loved ones. It's completely understandable and normal to feel anxious about during emerging health crisis. In a timely and very welcome move, Shropshire Council has published a guide to maintaining wellbeing and reducing anxiety during the Covid-19 emergency. The 22-page guide links to dozens of online resources to help, your friends and your family cope with anxiety, relax and have fun during unprecedented times. Phone helpline numbers are also provided. Download Looking after your Mental Health during COVID-19 (PDF). The ... (more)

Daily View 2×2: 7 April 2020

Posted by Mark Valladares on Liberal Democrat Voice
Tue 7th Apr 20 - 07:30

2 big stories The Prime Minister is in intensive care, and yesterday I found myself wondering who is running the country. Simon Jenkins isn't really convinced that anybody is... Britain's present predicament is yielding lessons aplenty. One is that the formal machinery of government matters. Johnson's response to coronavirus has been to nationalise, standardise, command and control everything. In his lockdown, one rule must fit all. Such is Britain's centralist constitution. But if so, it must depend on one thing: efficient and accountable leadership. At present the prime minister is clearly unfit. A public and functioning alternative must surely be ... (more)

Virtual Spring Flower Show!

Posted by Bailie Fraser Macpherson on Cllr Fraser Macpherson - LibDem Councillor for Dundee's West End - www.dundeewestend.scot
Tue 7th Apr 20 - 07:00

Following the cancellation of the Dundee Daffodil Group's Spring Flower Show and to maintain contact amongst members and provide a little competition and fun, the group has decided to try and run a virtual flower show. The show is open to all, free of charge and there will be no prize money or trophies awarded. The competition will have limited classes and will be judged by Hazel Elder with first, second and third places being awarded. Rules and Guidance 1. The competition is free of charge and open to all.2. The exhibitor must have grown all entries.3. Exhibitors can only ... (more)

Timbuktu (2014) *****

Posted by jonathanfryer on Jonathan Fryer
Mon 6th Apr 20 - 22:30

Timbuktu is a name that resonates in the minds of many people who have never set foot in Africa, let alone in the Sahel, symbolising the most far-flung, exotic place on earth. But of course it is in reality a community, with ancient traditions as a hub for cross-Sahara trade in salt, gold, ivory and [...] (more)

Lord Bonkers' Diary: Above all, Liberal MPs from the 1970s

Posted by Jonathan Calder on Liberal England
Mon 6th Apr 20 - 21:09

What's this? Friction between Lord Bonkers and the Well-Behaved Orphans? It's all too reminiscent of the Mutiny of 1928. Friday Despite the security precautions I take to prevent undesirable characters - estate agents, advertising executives and, above all, Liberal MPs from the 1970s - getting into the Home for Well-Behaved Orphans, its young inmates have always proved distressingly adept at getting out. I come across a group of them by the village pond feeding dry bread to the Bird of Liberty as it swims about squawking. They enquire after my health as they have heard that the elderly are particularly ... (more)

air ambulance lands between houses

Posted by Chris on Focus on Sodbury, Yate and Dodington
Mon 6th Apr 20 - 19:39

Some brilliant flying by the air ambulance today - touching down on a small open space in Blaisdon. They are doing a brilliant job. Did you know the air ambulance is a charity? It relies on donations to keep flying: you can donate at https://greatwesternairambulance.com/donate/ (more)

Fox News and coronavirus

Posted by Mark Pack on Mark Pack
Mon 6th Apr 20 - 18:50

The story of how Fox News approached coronavirus is not a happy story, as Trevor Noah and the Daily Show recount. (more)

Twenty days of lockdown

Posted on From the Heart of Europe
Mon 6th Apr 20 - 18:42

Ten days since my previous update, a briefer set of notes on what has been happening. First off, I had a bad bug last week - I had actually had an upset stomach a few days previously, and thought I had recovered, but then started a course of antibiotics on Monday evening and perhaps that over-triggered the body defences; at any rate, I slept very badly on Tuesday night and woke on Wednesday knowing I was not getting out of bed that day. On Thursday I felt even worse and of course worried that I was coming down with the ... (more)

Honor Blackman was a Liberal Party supporter

Posted by Jonathan Calder on Liberal England
Mon 6th Apr 20 - 18:00

Honor Blackman - Cathy Gale in The Avengers, Pussy Galore in Goldfinger and much else besides - died today at the age of 94. There is an obituary on the Guardian site. Back in the 1960s, Honor Blackman was a prominent supporter of the Liberal Party. The photograph above shows her campaigning in the Cities of London and Westminster constituency in the 1966 general election. (more)