Budget, the Liberal dog that hasn't barked

Posted on birkdale focus
Wed 22nd Nov 17 - 15:51

For decades, in the post-war era, there was not a budget day when the Liberal Party did not move an amendment to promote employee ownership and industrial democracy. Jo Grimond and Richard Wainwright were always looking for opportunities to make the case for the redistribution of ownership. Not only did they believe that this would lead to a fair distribution of wealth and influence they saw that it would contribute to productivity improvement-but more of that later Donald Wade, (who for younger readers, was the MP for Huddersfield West,) laid out the argument in his pamphlet Our Aim and Purpose ... (more)

Federal International Relations Committee and the Paperwork of Doom

Posted by Mark Valladares on Liberal Democrat Voice
Wed 22nd Nov 17 - 15:19

Yes, it was time for FIRC to meet again, our fifth meeting of the year, and we had a packed agenda, notable really for a general lack of policy discussion. Again. For those Committee members who had joined the Committee in anticipation of debating the burning foreign affairs issues of the day, this will have come as a disappointment. For former bureaucrats like myself, it's just as frustrating, because if there's one thing worse than bureaucracy, it's bureaucracy done inelegantly. The bright spot on the agenda was the visit of Andrew Hames, who burbled happily enough whilst his mother, and ... (more)

On Assigned Identities

Posted by Andrew Hickey on Sci-Ence! Justice Leak!
Wed 22nd Nov 17 - 13:57

This is a bit of a long one, I'm afraid, as I'm trying to untangle several different ideas in my head. Bear with me... and be warned, at some point, you will probably hit on a generalisation about one of ... Continue reading → (more)

The Ashes could go any which way: a whitewash by England or Australia both seem like possibilities

Posted by Nick on nicktyrone.com
Wed 22nd Nov 17 - 13:15

Noted cricket commentator Jim Maxwell has described the England batting line-up, due to play in the first Ashes test in Brisbane in just under 11 hours time, as the "worst ever" to play in an Ashes Down Under series. He has a point: the top of England's order is fairly atrocious. Root has been the only consistent performer in there for some time, and the narrative of an England test innings has become thus: top order collapses, Root hangs on and gets a century with the middle order batting incredibly well to support him, giving England just enough runs to ... (more)

Decision day in Bryncoch, Caewern, the Rhyddings and Waunceirch

Posted by Frank Little on ffranc sais
Wed 22nd Nov 17 - 12:32

Tomorrow, Thursday, 23rd November is the date for a crucial by-election in Bryncoch South. If national trends are as significant as in regular elections, then Labour is likely to see its support fall away. How much can Liberal Democrats garner of that, and how much eat into Janice Dudley's personal vote? Certainly, our candidate Sheila Kingston-Jones is receiving a friendlier reception on the doorsteps than I did in May. (more)

ICYMI: Vince's pre-budget speech

Posted by Caron Lindsay on Liberal Democrat Voice
Wed 22nd Nov 17 - 11:55

A couple of weeks ago, Vince got his retaliation in first by delivering a statesmanlike Budget speech. Two weeks ahead of the Budget, tomorrow Vince gets his retaliation in first. Of course, as a former business secretary and the man who predicted the financial crash, he has a whole load of economic credibility. In comparison, when the Chancellor delivers his speech on 22 November, he's going to look pretty amateurish compared to Vince. He will outline the major challenges facing Phillip Hammond in light of the expected downgrades in Britain's projected future growth, the threat posed by Brexit to any ... (more)

Blockchain! Time to introduce you to your heritage...

Posted by David Boyle on Opinion - Radix
Wed 22nd Nov 17 - 11:28

Vinay Gupta is a fascinating man, graduating from developing simple yurts to support refugees anywhere to working out the deeper implications of bitcoin, blockchain technologies and climate change. I was keen to meet him, and I did. In fact, I met him at an amazing annual event hosted in Brighton called the Meaning conference, packed [...] The post Blockchain! Time to introduce you to your heritage... appeared first on Radix. (more)

My tweets

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Wed 22nd Nov 17 - 11:00

Tue, 13:47: RT @milann_sk: @SlovakiaMFA is dissapointed that yday vote did not consider geographic criteria. But before fuelling anti-W.Europe bashing... Tue, 19:52: A Man of Parts, by David Lodge https://t.co/wGvKvTGfwr Tue, 20:31: Three Things to Know About the Latest Brexit Developments https://t.co/43KLlcHWpR via @YouTube by me. Tue, 21:50: RT @BarackObama: ME: Joe, about halfway through the speech, I'm gonna wish you a happy birth-- BIDEN: IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! ME: Joe. Happy... Wed, 08:43: RT @JCKP1966: A hard border is madness. A firm commitment to no hard border is hardly too much to ask for. Wed, 09:39: RT @Novorossiya_PR: #Novorossiya abandons ... (more)

Jo vs Boris: On Russian interference and cyber-attacks

Posted by The Voice on Liberal Democrat Voice
Wed 22nd Nov 17 - 10:25

Yesterday Jo Swinson took on Boris Johnson at Foreign Office questions: Today I challenged Boris Johnson over his complacency about Russian interference and cyber-attacks on the UK pic.twitter.com/7SsOjKfj8m — Jo Swinson (@joswinson) November 21, 2017 The text is below: Jo: At the last Foreign Office questions, the Foreign Secretary told me that the UK could not pinpoint any direct Russian cyber-attacks on this country. Today, he tells us the Prime Minister's comments last week about Russia's sustained campaign of cyber-espionage and disruption refer only to other countries. Why does he think the UK is uniquely immune to Russian interference, or ... (more)

The Blood is the Life for 22-11-2017

The fatherhood bonus and the motherhood penalty Yay the patriarchy! Avon and Somerset Police accused of stigmatising people with HIV AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGH More than 480 web firms record 'every keystroke' - BBC News So, I've linked to my last Torygraph story EVER. Automated checkouts 'miserable' for elderly shoppers - BBC News Not just elderly shoppers. I detest them. Sayeeda Warsi accuses UK press of hate speech and Islamophobia And she's right, too. Stop Funding Hate is honoured to receive the Jo Cox Award FCC plans total repeal of net neutrality rules Note for Lib Dems: this is the American Federal Communications ... (more)