2019 news from the University of Dundee Museum Services

From the Curator of Museum Services at the University of Dundee : We kick off 2019 with a new exhibition in the Tower Foyer Gallery highlighting some of the most exciting recent additions to our collections. Since our last Recent Acquisitions exhibition in 2017, over 1 400 items have been catalogued into the Museum Collections, a small selection of which are shown here. Among the highlights are: • artworks acquired by Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design from the annual Degree Shows• fascinating natural history specimens from Life Sciences and Anatomy• drawings from the Moira Macgregor Bequest, a ... (more)

Shropshire Council budget: Cuts are targeted at the health of people and will cost the NHS more

Posted by andybodders on Andy Boddington
Thu 17th Jan 19 - 06:30

Shropshire Council has cut £48 million from its budget over the last three years under pressure of government cuts. It will need to cut, or in its words "save", £18.5m next year. The list of cuts is appalling. Public health services will get a big hit. Giving up smoking, reducing obesity and promotion of healthy lifestyles will be hammered. People from Wales will be snubbed. There will be cuts to social support, including cuts to day centres, though there is doubt whether all the cuts can be achieved. Proposed cuts in 2019/20 Public Health Council leaders are planning very damaging ... (more)


Posted by Dani Tougher on More Than Nothing
Thu 17th Jan 19 - 05:51

It's been a while since I wrote a blog about politics - one reason for this is that, as I've noted previously, by the time I've got my head around what happened, something else absurd has hogged the spotlight, rendering my initial observations moot. It's been another one of *those* weeks in Parliament, hasn't it? And it's only half-way through the week! MayBot Speech Theresa May stood outside Number 10 last night and gave, what could politely be called a speech - the MayBot had obviously been rebooted and needed to re-run her basic programming: a cobbled together mish-mash of ... (more)

Manual Linkspam of the stuff that failed to autopost the last couple of days

Posted on Rubbish Black & White Nightmare Trousers
Thu 17th Jan 19 - 02:49

Rudd has not delayed roll out of universal credit, DWP confirmsUpskirting to be crime after Lords back billThe best, pithiest comment I've seen on that GIlette ad furoreFacebook's '10 Year Challenge' Is Just a Harmless Meme - Right?(maybe not) More than 17,000 sick and disabled people have died while waiting for welfare benefits, figures showNHS stats on trans people detransitioning."Out of a sample of 303 only 1 detransitioned, giving an initial detransition rate of 0.33%. However this person subsequently retransitioned, resulting in a aggregate total detransition rate of 0.00%" Schools census used to enforce immigration laws, minister saysYou know, like ... (more)

16 January 2019 - today's press release

Posted by Mark Valladares on Liberal Democrat Voice
Thu 17th Jan 19 - 00:11

Cable: Either Corbyn backs Brexit or he backs the people Responding to the defeat of Jeremy Corbyn's vote of no confidence in the Conservative Government by 325 votes to 306 votes, Leader of the Liberal Democrats Vince Cable said: Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party cannot procrastinate any longer. Either he backs Brexit or he backs the people. He has a responsibility, to get off the fence and provide some effective opposition. The only serious option is what the Liberal Democrats have been calling for since the 24th June 2016, a people's vote with the option to remain in the ... (more)

Shrewsbury station in 1968

Posted by Jonathan Calder on Liberal England
Wed 16th Jan 19 - 22:04

Small boys on the platform isn't it? You may also enjoy the video Steam at Shrewsbury in the 1960s. (more)

Six of the Best 842

Posted by Jonathan Calder on Liberal England
Wed 16th Jan 19 - 21:45

"If the Brits are serious about securing access to the Single Market for goods, they will have to begin negotiations with, essentially 27 other countries after March, each of which will have a veto, as will the new European Parliament. What happens to the £100 billion or so worth of services the UK sells to EU countries every year is anyone's guess. Services are not usually included in trade deals and 'passporting' is due to end." Edward Robinson says the prospect of Brexit gives him the shivers. "A little less aggression and a little more listening and Rory Kinnear might've ... (more)

The Catholic Church and the Indian nuns of the #metoo movement

Posted by ambitiousmamas on FeministMama
Wed 16th Jan 19 - 20:56

[IMG: The Catholic Church and the Indian nuns of the #metoo movement] Does the Catholic Church have a strange predilection for sex related misdemeanours and scandals? If not why does it remain silent apart from occasional apologetic proclamations from the Pope? If it does want to be... The post The Catholic Church and the Indian nuns of the #metoo movement appeared first on FeministMama. (more)

What should Vince say to Theresa?

Posted by Caron Lindsay on Liberal Democrat Voice
Wed 16th Jan 19 - 20:54

So Theresa May is going to be meeting with party leaders tonight and over the next few days to find a way forward on Brexit. Which party leader is best qualified for facing her down on daft ideas? Our Vince sparred a lot with her when they were in Cabinet together. She hated immigration. As business minister, he saw its benefits and fought for student visas. Obviously he's going to tell her she needs to put this back to the People and she needs to rule out No Deal, but if you were Vince, what would you be saying to ... (more)

Confidence trick

Posted by Caron Lindsay on Liberal Democrat Voice
Wed 16th Jan 19 - 19:54

There were many times during this afternoon's Vote of No Confidence debate when I wanted to throw something at the television. I didn't, because the only things close by were expensive and belonged to my employer. This country is facing the biggest crisis since World War 2 and the Government and Opposition spend the afternoon slinging insults at each other, pantomime style. When we face a no-deal fall off a cliff which will kill people. Fiddling and burning or what? It was hardly the stuff of Gladstone, of Lloyd George, of Churchill as Jeremy Corbyn finally moved his motion of ... (more)