A new lease of life for political hashtags, despite all the acronyms

Posted by Mark Pack on Mark Pack
Fri 23rd Feb 18 - 18:23

Over in the i newspaper they've been taking a look at the smorgasbord of Brexit-related social media hashtags such as #FBPE, #ABTV and #WATON: To the uninitiated, political discussion on the internet can sometimes appear as if it is taking place in code... One obvious problem with the hashtag movement is how meaningless a string of hashtags might be to someone outside the Twitter bubble. Philosopher AC Grayling's display name at time of writing was "A C Grayling #FBPE #ABTV #WATON #OFOC" - which is all but meaningless if you're not devoting your life to following Brexit's social media trench ... (more)

1943 Retro Hugo for Best Related Work: C.S. Lewis on Paradise Lost, Hamilton's Mythology

Posted on From the Heart of Europe
Fri 23rd Feb 18 - 17:22

This year is the sixth time that Retro Hugos have been awarded, following 1996 (for 1946), 2001 (for 1951), 2004 (for 1954), 2014 (for 1939) and 2016 (for 1941). However, only once has the category of Best Related Work attracted enough interest to justify a Retro Hugo, in 2004, when Conquest of the Moon by Wernher von Braun, Fred L. Whipple and Willy Ley saw off two other contenders. So there have been three finalists in five rounds of awards. This year we are considering work of 1942, and skimming through Goodreads I spotted two books that fall outside the ... (more)

There's going to be some passionate debate at Scottish Conference....

Posted by Caron Lindsay on Liberal Democrat Voice
Fri 23rd Feb 18 - 14:55

The preliminary agenda for Scottish Spring Conference, which takes place in Aviemore from 20-21 April, has been announced and it's going to be a bit of a cracker. Sure, there is going to be a bit of motherhood and apple pie – I mean, who on earth is going to vote against a motion regulating the sale of puppies? However, the Scottish Young Liberals have made sure that there is likely to be some intense debate. The party hasn't debated abortion law for a while, but with its devolution to the Scottish Parliament, the Scottish Conference Committee has, to my ... (more)

Why I wouldn't get your hopes up about a coherent Brexit plan from Labour after this week

Posted by Nick on nicktyrone.com
Fri 23rd Feb 18 - 14:12

There has been a flurry of new information from major shadow cabinet figures about Brexit this week, after what seemed liked an enforced silence on the topic. Unfortunately, it all makes as much sense as it usually does. John McDonnell has jumped on the extremely irritating "a" customs union with the EU, not be confused with "the" Customs Union most politicians seem to know very little about and yet feel must be discarded bandwagon. "We are not supporting membership of "the" Customs Union but we are looking at "a" customs union. The reason we are saying "a" customs union is ... (more)

Federal Policy Committee Report - 21 February 2018

Posted by Geoff Payne on Liberal Democrat Voice
Fri 23rd Feb 18 - 13:30

he Federal Policy Committee met again on 21st February 2018. There was a fairly hefty agenda and the meeting ran for a little over three hours. Update on Immigration and Identity Policy Working Group Adam Pritchard, the chair of this group, attended to provide a summary of its work. A copy of the consultation paper which is up for discussion at Spring Conference was circulated. The group is on schedule to complete its task on time and report to Autumn Conference. Adam said that imaginative policy will be needed to ensure that the paper has a good shelf life after ... (more)

Nice one Cyril!

Posted by paulwalternewbury on Liberal Burblings
Fri 23rd Feb 18 - 13:24

This old tune came to mind in the middle of the night. You don't hear it much (justifiably) but the first 15 seconds of the record make it the best football song there is (narrowly pipping "Three Lions on their shirt"). After that sublime start, it reverts to the normal football song formula of choruses ... Continue reading Nice one Cyril! (more)

False flags

Posted by Jen on Either / And
Fri 23rd Feb 18 - 13:12

In America the latest (that I've heard of at the time of typing) school shooting feels like it has picked up a little more momentum in the calls for action afterwards; not least because of the bisexual boss of the school's Gay/Straight Alliance group and how her extensive use of the term "BS" while explaining how the US' gun laws look from the perspective of some of the groups most likely to be killed as a result of the NRA's diligent purchasing of politicians was an ideal clip for going viral. Naturally there's a pushback with someone - possibly someseveral, ... (more)

A Poll on how you keep yourself clean

Posted on Ten KitKats and a Motoring Atlas
Fri 23rd Feb 18 - 12:57

I was reminded of this by a conversation on twitter. Everybody in films always faces in towards the stream of water in a shower, but it is my habit to face outwards so it doesn't feel like being waterboarded. And then I got curious about other ablutionary matters... View Poll: Ablutions [IMG: comment count unavailable] comments (more)

Crosby – It's library looks more than a little the worse for wear sadly

Posted by Cllr. Tony Robertson on Sefton Focus
Fri 23rd Feb 18 - 12:48

Having been to Crosby Library a number of times recently it has been brought home to me how much it needs a little TLC. I recall during my 15 years as a Sefton Councillor thinking similar thoughts and maybe I am as much to blame myself for not trying to do something positive to improve things? The Civic Hall behind the Library has been moldering away for many years now but frankly it too was in very poor internal condition the last time I was in there prior to its mothballing/closure. The building is certainly a child of its times ... (more)

Radical, distinctive and quite possibly the start of something big

Posted by Chris Bowers on Liberal Democrat Voice
Fri 23rd Feb 18 - 11:55

How do we get off 8%? We've been at or around that figure in the polls since well before the 2015 election, and despite our very clear and principled stance on Brexit, we're still stuck. Maybe we just need some 'events, dear boy'. We've had precious few parliamentary by-elections, which were the lifeblood of the party's momentum in the 1960s, 70s and 90s, and we haven't had the kind of Iraq War issue that puts us on the right side of public opinion and leaves the Conservatives and Labour on the wrong side. But do we just wait for such ... (more)