Daily View 2×2: 1 June 2020

Posted by Mark Valladares on Liberal Democrat Voice
Mon 1st Jun 20 - 07:30

2 big stories It is an exaggeration to say that America's cities are in flames, and despite President Trump's inflammatory comments, in most places, demonstrations remain peaceful, if tense. And protests against the death of George Floyd have spread beyond America too. Unfortunately, there is little doubt that the only difference between policing in the United States and here is that, at least here, the police are unarmed and the courts less perfunctory and politicised, thus deaths are thankfully rarer, but BAME citizens, especially black ones, are more likely to be the subjects of police activity, even if they aren't ... (more)

Litter and rubbish concerns #dundeewestend

Posted by Bailie Fraser Macpherson on Cllr Fraser Macpherson - LibDem Councillor for Dundee's West End - www.dundeewestend.scot
Mon 1st Jun 20 - 07:00

Over the weekend, I have had numerous concerns about a minority of people using our local parks in the lovely weather but leaving their rubbish behind them. The photos below are just a few examples - from Lochee Park and Magdalen Green - and there were also examples on Balgay Hill. I am grateful for the efforts of council environment staff over the weekend to clean this up and have reported concerns raised by residents. Most people are sensible enough to use litter bins and tidy behind them and that's the message residents would like everyone to take on board. ... (more)